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  Tom Clark
Tom Clark
  Tom Clark

3 Ridiculous Myths About Strip Clubs

Come dusk in Melbourne on a Saturday you may come across a group of people clamouring out of a nightclub not to go home but to look for another spot to keep the party going. Maybe one of the house clubs on Chapel street, or on some place on Brown Alley, maybe the best thing to do to wind things down. In Melbourne, you can dance your way from dusk till dawn. The city provides the freedom to move from one dance floor to the next or one club to the next.

Not into House? there are other alternatives to match your particular speed. In Melbourne, you may not be able to buy take booze on your way to some house party, but you can lose yourself, your mind and have a great time at a strip club otherwise known as a gentlemen's club. Most of these establishments have great music, good food and plenty of hot women whose only concern is to entertain you and give you an experience beyond your fantasy. Strip clubs are so much better than your typical nightclub because you can really let go of yourself and just bask in the sensual eroticism of it all. Skip the house party, avoid jostling for floor space on a dance floor and hit the gentlemens club scene.

Strip clubs and so called gentlemen's clubs aren't celebrated as they should be. There are some long-held myths and stereotypes that do nothing to help their reputation and taint what most people expect to find and experience.

Strip clubs promote drugs and crime

This is a misconception in that strip clubs don't sell sex. You don't walk into a club and order a sexual encounter with one particular stripper. You do that in a brothel which is something that Strip Clubs aren't. Sure they promote sex in a visual sense, not literally. The girls on the pole aren't dancing for patrons so they can get people who will pay for sex. It's all about sensuality. The idea of sex, not the actual act.

As for drugs. Many clubs don't promote the use or the selling and buying of drugs in their establishments. Drugs bring seedy elements into a club and an establishment that pride themselves for providing good, clean adult entertainment don't need drugs to taint its reputation. Most gentlemen's clubs have a zero tolerance for drugs. These clubs have enough to deal with, like adhering to liquor codes, health codes and all other things, drugs can hurt a business and bring unsavoury clientele.

Gentlemen's club owners are perverted sleaze balls

There is no question that it takes a special type of personality to open and run a club with pretty half naked girls dancing for money. That does not mean they are sleazy. They run a business and as such they are business people who sometimes have to act a certain way. Just because they run the clubs, doesn't mean they run the girls too. Most strippers are free agents who may be charged a certain performance fee. You can call them freelancers because the truth of the matter is that most of them don't get paid a salary. Strip club owners like the girls that work the clubs merely bring the entertainment that men like.

Strippers are "broken"

Women get into adult entertainment for a lot of reasons, but the main driving force is money. Maybe you've heard of the college girls stripping to make money for tuition. It's no joke, though, a lot of young girls find themselves looking for ways to pay their way through school. Some women strip and dance to pay their bills, put food on the table and clothes on the backs of their kids. Some women actually do it because they enjoy doing it and there’s no law that says they can't enjoy dancing and have men look on in awe and admiration. It is empowering.

The truth is there are women who strip for other reasons. They may have drug problems or psychological issue, but that does not mean they all strippers are broken or that only broken women resort to stripping. Drugs are everywhere.

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