Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Spring is Springing and So Are We!

Dodie with Dakota's (Gene's) sister Nina on Cayman Brac

Last mid-November, 2014, we left you aware of our plans. Now, all has been fulfilled!

Nikki arrived on December 12 and Dan and Lauren on December 16. We had a wonderful visit filled with many happy memories to hold close.Dan and Lauren left for Denver on Christmas Eve, but Nikki was able to stay on until January 3. She is doing well in her Graduate program, maintaining an 8.9 GPA. Can you tell that I am a proud Mom?

On January 9, we departed Reno for warmer climates. We spent nine days in Florida to attend the FWA (Florida Writers...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Thursday, November 13, 2014
Three-Month Cancer Check

Time flies! Before I give you a quick break-down of the last three-and-a-half months, you shall receive the most important piece immediately. Because of a laboratory mess up, it has taken 2 weeks to get my CA125 test result. IT WAS 14!!! Normal is 0-35 and my CA125 was 17 after my last chemo. My check-up went well and now we know I am clear with such a great CA125!

August 8 found us moving. What a hot exhausting day! Even with the movers doing most of the work, the grueling day nearly did us in. We plan to die in this apartment as we never plan to move again. One of the movers dropped some...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Saturday, July 26, 2014
Moving Forward!

My mother and her fiance, Don. Taken at Mt. Rainier, WA by my sister, Dixie.

Mom and Don departed for the North early Thursday morning, July 17. Dixie and Casey swung by around noon to say good-bye and get a box of Nikki’s photo albums, etc. to take back to Walla Walla for her.

Dave, Dakota and I had a restful afternoon with one excursion out to pick up a couple of grocery items. That evening, I proceeded to nap while Dakota and Dave watched TV. I awoke to discover that Dave had also slept through most of their “watching”.

On Friday, we decided to go off to the movies, and I managed to...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Thursday, July 24, 2014
Cancer Report Card Day!

Wednesday, July 16, was “Cancer Report Card Day.” We trooped into Dr. Lim’s waiting room at the appointed hour and proceeded to cause a serious seating shortage. My entourage filled seven of the available chairs. We waited about a half hour before a nurse appeared. She informed us that the doctor had been called away to an emergency surgery and suggested that we might want to reschedule. Of course, we filled her in on the fact that my family would be departing to their homes in other states the following morning and that they had come to share my “Cancer Report Card Day” with me....

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Family Fun!

The weekend after my transfusion and PET/CT scan were pretty sleepy. I had Neupogen injections on July 1, 8, and 14. I had not suffered flu-like symptoms previously, but with so many close together, my body ached, and I ran low-grade fevers for a few days.

July 13-15

All of my family arrived on July 13 including my brother, Dave, from Colorado. Because of my ongoing fatigue, we just hung out at my family’s rented condo on Monday. Dixie and I made my annual gluten-free birthday cake. Because of my no sugar fetish, we tended to under-sweeten the cake. I like the cake just fine with all-fruit...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Need I say more?

Actually, we have already celebrated by eating out at the “Taste of India.” Since the Walla Walla family will be leaving for home tomorrow, they are heading over shortly to continue the celebration.

I will fill you in more with stories of shopping excursions, improvement in walking distances and speed, etc. after they have all departed. My brother, Dave, is staying on until Monday, and we plan to have a great time! He claims that he will quit treating me with deference now that I am considered to be among the “normal”… health-wise anyway.

Thanks for celebrating with...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Thursday, July 10, 2014
Celebrate! Celebrate!

Over the last couple of weeks, life has become all of the following: falling asleep, total exhaustion with the slightest exertion, shaking, staggering, and burning limbs. My weak, little Minnie Mouse voice made communication a challenge.

On Wednesday, Dr. Bowman gave me a Neupogen injection and recommended another transfusion. Ecstasy overwhelmed me! You know things have changed when the idea of a blood transfusion makes one’s day!

By the time we returned home from the initial blood typing,guess what I did for 3 hours? Knowing that we needed to rise early for my 7:00 a.m. transfusion, we...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Thursday, July 3, 2014
Ceiling Fan Issue Resolved!

Alyssa helped me ring the bell

We went into the office today and spoke with Christie, the apartment management person who went out of her way for us yesterday. She gave us permission to purchase ceiling fans for the second and third bedrooms and have the maintenance man install them after hours. The big draw for Dakota is the view of the mountains from the window of the master bedroom. The other two don’t have wonderful, inspiring views that are so helpful for a writer, particularly one who lived in flat, flat Florida for forty years. All three bedrooms are the same size so being able to...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Yippee! My Last Chemo!

Dakota and me celebrating the last chemo!

We just got home from our celebratory dinner at “Taste of India," a great place to eat in Reno. I had okra with a side of rice and red curry. It was delicious! The chef, Ashok Kunar, and Alla agreed to have a photo taken with me for our celebration day. They have been so kind to us that we wanted to immortalize them on my blog. Below, You can see them pictured with me.

A couple of days of dreadful fatigue and weakness, indicated an unscheduled visit to the doctor yesterday. I got a Neupogen injection and woke up feeling stronger this morning. My...

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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando · Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Disappointment Reigns

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Fatigue has been an issue this week. Although I am no longer eating gluten, and my blood work values haven’t been terribly low until today, I seem to be falling asleep much of the time.

We were looking forward to my last chemo. However, even though I had a Neupogen injection yesterday, my blood values plunged by this morning. My last chemo has been postponed until next Wednesday. Dr. Bowman told me that if my test results are still low, he will cancel my last chemo. Since next Wednesday is July 2 and my PET scan is on July 11, we’re playing this game by the seat of...

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