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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Hooray! One More to Go!

My friend and waitress at A Taste of India, our favorite restaurant

Since my last blog, I have had a rough week.

Symptoms of anemia dominated my days, and my sugars seemed to be responding less to insulin. Digestive issues reigned, and I was not sleeping well. Monday morning, I was convinced that my CBI blood values were plunging again, even after getting to skip two chemos. I looked for any changes I may have made in the last five or six weeks, and then I remembered that I had started eating spelt products. Someone had suggested that I try spelt as it is an ancient grain thousands of years old rather than our modern wheat that has been around for mere hundreds. Initially upon consuming it, I was ecstatic and experienced no negative responses. On Monday evening, I called the “nurse line” at United Health Care (AARP) and inquired about the symptoms of siliac disease. When I informed her of my symptoms, she indicated that most of them were classic for the disease. She said I should contact my primary care doctor to discuss getting examined by an allergist as soon as possible. I am scheduled with an allergy clinic on July 3.

After only one day of avoiding spelt, I felt significantly stronger. By Tuesday, my pre-chemo blood tests were slightly low necessitating another Neupogen injection. Dr. Bowman approved my next-to-the-last chemo treatment for today. “Hooray! One More to Go!”

After my chemo next week, I will be looking forward to my PET scan on July 11, as well as a follow-up visit with Dr. Lim on July 16. I am thrilled that many of my family members will be here in Reno for that visit. Dakota is calling it “my cancer report card day.” My current condition, prognosis and subsequent treatment plan will be discussed. We are determined to achieve remission, and it will be wonderful to have Mom, her fiancé, Don, Dixie, Casey and my brother, Dave, here for support and celebration!

After chemo, we went out to eat at our favorite “Taste of India” restaurant. Above is a picture of me with our wonderful waitress and friend, Alla. The cook is an Indian gentleman, Ashock. He makes my food without any of the typical dairy ingredients. Dakota and I enjoy it immensely!

If this week is better, I may do a blog update on Sunday. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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