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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Disappointment Reigns

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Fatigue has been an issue this week. Although I am no longer eating gluten, and my blood work values haven’t been terribly low until today, I seem to be falling asleep much of the time.

We were looking forward to my last chemo. However, even though I had a Neupogen injection yesterday, my blood values plunged by this morning. My last chemo has been postponed until next Wednesday. Dr. Bowman told me that if my test results are still low, he will cancel my last chemo. Since next Wednesday is July 2 and my PET scan is on July 11, we’re playing this game by the seat of our pants. Dr. Bowman indicated that skipping yet another chemo will not have a negative impact on my cancer situation.

At the oncology center, cancer patients who complete their current regimen of chemo, get to participate in a bell-ringing ceremony. Lest you believe this means a beautiful musical rendition, it is merely the patient celebrating by ringing the center’s bell. The bell ringing has been somewhat subdued and wimpy in my observation. When my turn comes, I plan a vigorous celebration by having both Dakota and the nurse ring the bells at the center while I ring a bell of my own. Guess that opportunity passed today. However, whether or not I have chemo next week, I have been invited to do the bell ringing anyway.

In spite of what the doctors say, we are planning on full remission. My attitude, research and stubbornness are sure to pay off.

However, I find myself contemplating other possible realities. No matter what happens, Dakota and I are planning to use every minute of our time celebrating our lives. We watched a movie the other day. It is a new release called “The Fault of Our Stars”. Two teens, 17 and 18, are fighting cancer. It didn’t flow as one might have expected which enhanced the reality factor for me. The unexpected twists and turns in their story made the reality of cancer very believable. I’m afraid there was no “happily ever after” in their story, but there was a lot of “make your personal infinity matter”. I was profoundly affected by the story, and we plan to see the movie again.

This has been an incredibly long journey, but I am excited about the future. If reality limits my travel and adventuring, we plan to travel within the “Great United States”! We will spend as much time as possible with our US family and friends. Of course, we want to go to the UK to visit my beloved niece and her beautiful son, my great-nephew, Gabriel. We are excited about our future!

We’ll let you know next week’s outcome. We’ll also let you know the results of my PET scan, which will be discovered on July 16. I am so glad part of my family will be here to share that day with us!

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