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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Yippee! My Last Chemo!

Dakota and me celebrating the last chemo!

We just got home from our celebratory dinner at “Taste of India," a great place to eat in Reno. I had okra with a side of rice and red curry. It was delicious! The chef, Ashok Kunar, and Alla agreed to have a photo taken with me for our celebration day. They have been so kind to us that we wanted to immortalize them on my blog. Below, You can see them pictured with me.

A couple of days of dreadful fatigue and weakness, indicated an unscheduled visit to the doctor yesterday. I got a Neupogen injection and woke up feeling stronger this morning. My weak little Minnie Mouse voice had disappeared. People no longer had trouble understanding me on the phone or in person. Dakota kept telling me to “stop yelling.” He kept saying how cute I sounded and was way too happy with himself! Waking up with a normal voice brought out feelings of gratitude for us both.

Today, my blood levels were good except that my platelets had dropped from 104 yesterday to 70. Dr. Bowman is concerned about them dropping again by next Wednesday, so I’ll go back for more blood work then.

Me, chef Ashok Kunar and Alla after my last chemo!

After my chemo session, Dakota, Alyssa and I did our happy bell ringing thing. I wa-hooed and danced a little jig while ringing my bell enthusiastically. Other patients and their families clapped and cheered right along with us. Hopefully, we’ve begun a change in the way the patients, their families and chemo team celebrate their “smile-stones.” What a happy moment!

Last night, we discovered some problems with our home phone. Charter addressed those concerns, only to have to address other problems this morning. If anyone has had any trouble getting calls through to us, rest assured, the phone is now working properly.

Because we didn’t know our phone had issues, we missed 4 days of calls from the management of our Apartment complex. In the past, they seem to be pretty hard core about their rules. We had talked with them about getting one of their very limited three-bedroom apartments, and they put us on the waiting list. The specified rules were: “As soon as a tenant lets us know they are moving out, we call the person at the top of the list. If they don’t answer, we call the next person. Whoever get’s their “earnest Money” to the office first, gets the apartment.” This morning, the head management person astonished us by coming out to apprehend Dakota and I as we returned from our morning walk. That is how we discovered our phone has not been working. She told us that the apartment would go up for general grabs unless we wanted it and could let her know before noon.

After talking it over, (I believe I intonated to you in a previous blog that we were interested in getting a house) Dakota took the check over and made arrangements. We’ll move in on August 8.

We kind of like the three-bedroom units with a third large bedroom, larger laundry area and an attached garage. All three bedrooms have walk-in closets and the master bedroom faces west with a great view of the mountains as does the living room, dining room, and patio. Dakota wants that master bedroom for his office. I, on the other hand, sorrow over the fact that the only bedroom with a ceiling fan is the master bedroom…and, that is the room Dakota wants for his office. Since I have become pretty hormoneless following my radical hysterectomy, I tend to sleep very warm. We are hoping to work something out with management to add an additional ceiling fan in one of the other bedrooms. We were so astonished at her kindness in actually coming out and way-laying us, that we are entertaining a hope that we might actually be successful.

We are so excited about my body now getting a chance to recover from the 23 chemos I’ve had since mid-October, and we entertain high hopes that I’ll be feeling energetic and strong by the time my family arrives on July 13. We are also looking forward to losing the need to store our guest-room furniture, etc. in a second rented garage! My daughter, Nikki, will be coming for a week-long visit on August 26. She will actually have a room, rather than occupying our couch. Anyone else care to come to Reno for a visit?

More later as life in the cancer lane unfolds.

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