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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Ceiling Fan Issue Resolved!

Alyssa helped me ring the bell

We went into the office today and spoke with Christie, the apartment management person who went out of her way for us yesterday. She gave us permission to purchase ceiling fans for the second and third bedrooms and have the maintenance man install them after hours. The big draw for Dakota is the view of the mountains from the window of the master bedroom. The other two don’t have wonderful, inspiring views that are so helpful for a writer, particularly one who lived in flat, flat Florida for forty years. All three bedrooms are the same size so being able to have ceiling fans in all of them solves the problem nicely.

Problem solving is something we are good at. Now Dakota will have his inspiring view, and I’ll have air movement while sleeping. Dakota would have given up his view for me if we were not such a great problem solving team. We’re really excited about the bigger place.

Today, I had my appointment with the allergist. I had eight viles of blood drawn for some of the allergy tests. On August 1, I’ll have skin tests done and get the report on everything. I figure avoiding foods that make my body feel bad will probably keep me stronger for maintaining remission. Can’t wait to find out that I have achieved that goal! So much to look forward to.

Yesterday, when we went for our walk, Dakota had sudden, deep heart pain that stopped him cold and had him bent over clutching his heart for 20 or more seconds. He says he’s a weenie when it comes to pain so he believes that what he rated as a "seven" pain level would have been a "four" for most people. Needless to say, this morning we called and made an appointment with a cardiologist. Would you believe that the earliest “new patient” appointment won’t happen until August 19? With his family history of triple bypass surgery (two brothers and his father), the nurse advised us to call 911 if that experience repeats. "Expeditious" is not a word we recognize around here.

The saga rolls on and we’ll keep you informed.

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