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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Celebrate! Celebrate!

Over the last couple of weeks, life has become all of the following: falling asleep, total exhaustion with the slightest exertion, shaking, staggering, and burning limbs. My weak, little Minnie Mouse voice made communication a challenge.

On Wednesday, Dr. Bowman gave me a Neupogen injection and recommended another transfusion. Ecstasy overwhelmed me! You know things have changed when the idea of a blood transfusion makes one’s day!

By the time we returned home from the initial blood typing,guess what I did for 3 hours? Knowing that we needed to rise early for my 7:00 a.m. transfusion, we hit the sack earlier than usual.

During this morning’s trip to the transfusion center, I overflowed with excitement at my expected return to normalcy. Upon completing the transfusion, my voice sounded like me again and walking could no longer be described as an ordeal.

After Dakota’s doctor appointment, we did a few errands during which I discovered a serious limitation in my energy levels. I suddenly hit a brick wall around 3:00 p.m. and requested that we return home…”now”.

After a few hours sleep, I am feeling much more like myself. Before resting, I even climbed our stairs without pausing and still managed to walk to my recliner without careening off walls.

My next challenge is to maintain blood sugars between 100 and 150 for tomorrow’s PET/CT scan at 8:00 a.m. I have been on a protein diet today as part of the preparation. Advised not to eat vegetables or carbs of any kind, my diet has consisted of an egg omelet with almond cheese, fish and boiled eggs. I had to eat 7 grams of carbs in the early afternoon for a low blood sugar. What a juggling routine. Fortunately, it is over after tomorrow’s scan.

We will get some grocery items tomorrow afternoon in preparation for my brother Dave’s arrival Saturday evening. The Walla Walla faction will arrive on Sunday afternoon. I am beyond excited to have them here in Reno. They are staying in some sort of a short-term rental condo or apartment which my sister, Dixie, found. She’s quite a dynamo with such things. We can’t wait to see them.

Mom asked me this evening to be her matron of honor when she and Don wed. I am so honored to be able to serve in that way. I am also honored that no one seems to be concerned about a bald and blind matron of honor. Now, finding the right dress to coordinate appropriately with Mom’s…

It will be wonderful to spend a few days with my family and new stepdad to be.

Dakota is scheduled for a treadmill test on the 17th. Nothing happens as quickly as we’d like around here, but getting the stress test done now is much better than having to wait until August 19. Cardiologists are just not taking new patients in an expeditious manner.

On Monday, Dakota got his eyes checked to discover that his right eye prescription has changed significantly in only one year. He is also developing cataracts. It is great to be able to begin focusing on his needs for a change…pun intended.

My family will be departing on the 17th so I’ll not blog until then. I will be able to share the results of my “cancer report card” at that time. We’re all planning for full remission and at least 20 years or more to follow. Thank you for your care in walking this journey with me. I love reading your comments. Short is fine…I just love knowing that each responder cares. I know that non-responders care too, but the evidence is heartwarming! Thank you!

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