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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Family Fun!

The weekend after my transfusion and PET/CT scan were pretty sleepy. I had Neupogen injections on July 1, 8, and 14. I had not suffered flu-like symptoms previously, but with so many close together, my body ached, and I ran low-grade fevers for a few days.

July 13-15

All of my family arrived on July 13 including my brother, Dave, from Colorado. Because of my ongoing fatigue, we just hung out at my family’s rented condo on Monday. Dixie and I made my annual gluten-free birthday cake. Because of my no sugar fetish, we tended to under-sweeten the cake. I like the cake just fine with all-fruit jam or sauce on top—because it is still a bit tart. Dixie and I have decided to experiment further while Dakota and I are in Walla Walla for Mom’s wedding.

On Tuesday, we girls went shopping while all the guys went up to Lake Tahoe for an outing and picnic lunch. We found just the right shoes for Mom to wear for her wedding.A picture of our girls lunch out at the Bangkok Café is posted above. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! Though Mom had great energy levels and enthusiasm, she finally tuckered out. Since the guys were back, Dakota came and took her home from the mall while Dixie and I continued shopping. A photo of Lake Tahoe is posted below.

My sister, Dixie, a gifted shopper, helped me find a dress and hat that will compliment Mom’s dress beautifully. The excursion was a four-and-a-half hour endurance test, but we passed with flying colors! We shopped until both of us were near dropping. We received several calls from family members wondering where we were. The Macy’s shopping assistant really got into our efforts and brought dresses to our fitting room while Dixie assisted me in a marathon of dressing, undressing, and dressing again. Would you believe we chose the last dress I tried on? With help from my phenomenal sister and the sales girl, our mission succeeded! While I got back into my regular clothes and rested, Dixie and our lovely assistant dashed off and found the perfect hat! My ensemble will include sandals that match the ones Mom purchased. A job well done!

We’ll post another segment later as we want to include as many photos as possible. The group of us failed miserably at photographic efforts since we were all so focused on celebrating my good news and having fun!

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