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  Dodie Orlando
Dodie Orlando
I'll beat cancer and have fun doing it!
  Dodie Orlando

Moving Forward!

My mother and her fiance, Don. Taken at Mt. Rainier, WA by my sister, Dixie.

Mom and Don departed for the North early Thursday morning, July 17. Dixie and Casey swung by around noon to say good-bye and get a box of Nikki’s photo albums, etc. to take back to Walla Walla for her.

Dave, Dakota and I had a restful afternoon with one excursion out to pick up a couple of grocery items. That evening, I proceeded to nap while Dakota and Dave watched TV. I awoke to discover that Dave had also slept through most of their “watching”.

On Friday, we decided to go off to the movies, and I managed to stay awake through most of “The Jersey Boys,” a movie about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I’ve always liked that group and seeing their history, reawakened my pleasure in their music. Friday was my first good, almost nap-free day. It is absolutely astonishing to have so much energy. My aching body and low grade fevers subsided while I slept Thursday night.

On Saturday, we went shopping at the consignment store to see if they might have a few items we’ll need when we move. We found a beautiful teak buffet and hutch for all my china and crystal that has been stored in our extra rented garage since we moved here. After we have taken care of a few repairs, it will be perfect for the job. Dakota also found a bookcase for his “Writer’s Cave.” Because I will have my desk and small filing cabinet in the guest bedroom, the master bedroom will be all his. Now, he will have plenty of room for the books he has stored in our spare garage.

Sunday, because I was having yet another wonderful energy-filled day, Dakota and I once again went to the new movie on the latest “Planet of the Apes.” We couldn’t seem to tear Dave away from his work to join us on this last outing of his visit. We had a great time, even though I snoozed through the first half of the movie.

Dave headed for Fort Collins, Colorado on Monday morning, July 21. It was wonderful having him stay longer. My brother and I are thirteen months apart and have always been very close. Our picture is posted below.

Our next big event will be moving to the three-bedroom apartment on August 8. We plan to be settled by the time Nikki arrives for a visit on August 26—then our trip to Walla Walla after Labor Day and Mom’s wedding on September 14!

So far I’ve had ten energetic-filled days in a row—a far cry from having just one good day now and then. Life is wonderful, and we plan to fill it full of precious memories with family and friends.

With time getting closer to our move, we have much to do. We have already lined up the company to do our move. Our new apartment is a mere 2 buildings from our current one. Of course, we are preparing all the stuff required for a move, such as address changes, organizing our storage garage and figuring out what will go where. We’ll have to give away lots of odds and ends. We love downsizing, but a two-bedroom is just a bit too small for our needs. We’ll love having a guest bedroom and the extra storage that a larger apartment affords.

Hence, a new era in our life is beginning. I am unwilling to close this blog completely until after my first couple of cancer checks. Many of my readers have done whatever is needed to receive an alert when I post a new update. Sounds like a great idea to me. Meanwhile, my updates may become even more sparse. Of course, I’ll blog for the upcoming “smile-stones.” As always, it is wonderful to have traveled through this experience with so many dear and loving people.


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