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Don Klein

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Whether you’re a newly diagnosed cancer patient, caregiver, or loved one, discover insights that inspire through shared wisdom that comes from having ‘been there.’

My Story

Last updated: Jul 26 2015

Saturday, July 25th

As many of you know, on July 1st, (my brother's 65th birthday), I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic stomach cancer. I've learned what it is to go from being the chemotherapy illness and oncology patient provider, to being a patient myself in a matter of 3 weeks. There are many indignities. The break down of my beautiful, strong body is among the hardest. I've lived with a lot of nausea and deep abdominal pain. The blood clots in my lungs and the tumors in my abdomen cause me to secrete a lot of fluid, which has been drained surgically 3 times. They take a lot of fluid, I feel better, but then the nasea returns. We've been doing better with the medications and hydration. It's a huge learning. I've had conversations with a few different docs over the last few days regarding my will and desire to live this way. Dylan, Dodie, Bob, my daughter Phaedra, Kelley, Jo, Dink, Krissy, my grandkids, all want me to live. Nobody wants to see me go yet. It's too early for everyone. As for me, one half-hour brings a wish for doctor-assisted suicide, a half-hour later no suicidal ideations, but incredibly depressing and bleak. I just haven't completely mustered the best Duck I can be in any given moment.

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