Apple Certified iOS Technician
Apple Certified iOS Technician
  Cortez Chance

Skills, examinations,and prospects for Apple Certified Mac Technician

To become a renowned, accomplished, perfectly skilled and trained Apple Certified Mac Technician, an individual majorly has to go through various ups and downs. The basics begin from successful completion of the Mac services certification examination as well as the Mac OSX 10.8 examination of lion troubleshooting that is now easily available at various corners of the world. as slowly and steadily, apple is entering into every digital arena and kicking out its competitors like anything, various individuals have now started to find better and advanced career opportunities within the field of apple technicians and training. But, there is absolutely a bulk of work that you might need to do before you get the tag of being ‘certified”. Find more about it here.

Tests, marks and other required qualifications

As we already talked about the major 2 examinations in the above few lines, you must also make sure that you pass these off with at least 80 percentages or more. Moreover, there are various sub-categories within the same. To be an Apple Certified Mac Technician, you must attain perfect scores in these areas including Electrostatic Discharge Precautions, Embedded Battery Safety and similar others upon the Macintosh Service Certification Exam. Whereas, there are uncountable apple policy questions related to economic and environmental safety. So make sure you are extremely aware of all these things that are not just theoretical concepts, but these will be deployed practically in your working environment too.

Other efforts that actually matter and what would you get!

Getting the right apple certification is not something small, you cannot, even mistakenly leave any stone unturned as anyhow, a proper certification, understanding of the whole program, deployment of these skills in the stressful practical environment and dealing with the clients perfectly, are some of the things that will largely decide your future as an Apple Certified Mac Technician.

After successful completion of the course, you will get through every basic, and even advanced controls of the Apple systems, gadgets or devices. You can easily repair all the Macs that are within a warranty period without any risk of violating that warrantee. Due to extreme security and lesser resellers and providers of Apple parts, you, after proper certification can become someone who can order and get the required parts for various devices of your users. These parts of the machines can just be obtained through Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX), so after attaining a proper Apple Certified Mac Technician degree, you will surely be an integral part of the apple family.

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