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Research shows that support and emotional connections benefit cancer treatment. Express yourself and allow others to encourage you.

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"MyLifeLine is such an appropriate name. It really has been my lifeline. I am grateful to have cancer in this time and age in social media." - Roberta

MyLifeLine Features

Connecting Updates

Let your family and friends know how you’re doing. We’ll email them when you post an update.

Living With Cancer

Resources on financial issues, health insurance, treatment options, clinical trials, diagnoses, nutrition, and much more.

Privacy Controls

Your cancer experience is personal. Ensure the right people have access to comment on your site and volunteer to help you.

Helping Calendar

Coordinate volunteers to help with meals, rides to treatment, errands, child care, pet care, and more.

Cancer Support Helpline

Toll-free number and online chat for emotional support and guidance by licensed counselors.


Photos can say what words can’t. Share photos of your life with family and friends as they follow your cancer journey.

Care Coordinators

Make life easier by assigning family and friends as Care Coordinators to help manage your site and organize volunteers.

In-Person Support

Find your local Cancer Support Community or Gilda’s Club for free in-person support for you and your family.

"MyLifeLine.org was critical to my survival..."

"The social worker at the cancer center introduced us to MyLifeLine.org as a way to stay connected while we were three hours from home during treatment. It was wonderful to keep people updated without having to repeat the same things over and over."

— Debbie, Cancer Caregiver

"I was totally overwhelmed by how much support I had on MyLifeLine.org. It was huge just knowing there were so many people who cared about me. The feedback from friends was encouraging.”

— Patricia, Breast Cancer

"My site was the only way to express myself and work through all of my emotions. MyLifeLine.org was a lifeline for me during my journey; it was my connection to the world, my connection to my own self, and a place where I could be encouraged by others. I am still using the site and will always want it and continue to share my story."

— Paige, Squamous Cell Carcinoma

"Whenever I wanted to reach out to my support group to share the emotional journey I was travelling, all I needed to do was access MyLifeLine.org. I could compose my message and experience instant emotional relief. I can honestly say MyLifeLine.org was critical to my survival."

— Dave, Colon Cancer

"I almost look at MyLifeLine.org as part of my husband's treatment. Whatever happens to him, MyLifeLine.org gets updated. I felt more connected. I felt the support. I felt the love from everyone we knew. It changed my whole outlook, truly."

— Erma, Cancer Caregiver

"MyLifeLine is such an appropriate name. It really has been my lifeline. I am grateful to have cancer in this time and age in social media."

— Roberta, Cancer

"We've had people reaching out to us every day through MyLifeLine.org. It just amazed me. Even though they don't always comment, you know they're following. In addition, when you talk to them, they know your whole story and you don't have to spend time updating them on everything."

— Harold, Leukemia

"For me it is a way to condense or consolidate my feelings and thinkings about my experience so I can share it with a lot of people without having to hunt them down. I'm very grateful to stay connected with so many good people."

— Stephanie, Metastatic Breast Cancer

"Friends and family from afar were providing solid support through MyLifeLine.org. I began to understand how desperately I needed that support. My wife would let me know when she did updates and when we got replies and messages. I began to look forward to the messages and words of encouragement and support."

— Shelby, Colorectal Cancer

"I think the technology is amazing. It helps me not only to receive support but also to give hope around me. Staying vibrant and positive throughout such a challenge seems to be inspiring for people. I am delighted that my experience can be of service that way."

— Frederique, Lung Cancer

"I didn't have the energy or patience to call. MyLifeLine.org was a wonderful thing for people to write their support to me and as well as me to get it out."

— Dawn, Breast Cancer

"MyLifeLine.org has been source of encouragement for me because I was able to write my feelings. I felt like there was a friend actually at my fingertips."

— Yvette, Uterine Cancer