-'s Industry Advisory Council's Industry Advisory Council established an Industry Advisory Council to better understand the advocacy needs of the industry and identify collaborative opportunities to better serve the cancer community. The Industry Advisory Council is comprised of experts in the pharmaceutical and oncology fields; specifically in patient advocacy, marketing, program delivery and non-profit partnerships. 

If you or your company would like more information or are interested in joining the Industry Advisory Council, please contact Maria Smith, Senior Director of Marketing and Corporate Development at or (888) 234-2468  Ext. 5.

2016/2017 Members



At Celgene, we seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs for our patients. Our mission as a company is to build a major global biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on the discovery, the development, and the commercialization of products for the treatment of cancer and other severe, immune, inflammatory conditions.




Eisai continues to grow its commitment to oncology—in research and clinical development, in approved treatments for cancer and supportive care, and in enhanced manufacturing capabilities. Eisai has a diverse in-house pipeline of oncology compounds in development and several more about to begin clinical trials.




Genentech is committed to being a strong corporate citizen by harnessing our unique resources, both financial and human, to contribute to the best interests of patients, the medical profession, our employees and our communities. Genentech supports a wide variety of organizations and initiatives through our corporate giving programs.



Genomic Health

Genomic Health, a global health company founded in August of 2000 and located in Redwood City, California, is committed to improving the quality of cancer treatment decisions through the research, development and commercialization of genomic-based clinical laboratory services. To that end, the company conducts sophisticated genomic research to develop clinically-validated molecular diagnostics. Determination that a test is accurate in determining the presence of, or predicting the risk for, a health condition or phenotype, including determination of sensitivity, specificity and positive and negative predictive values. which provide individualized information on response to certain types of therapy, as well as the likelihood of disease recurrence. These diagnostic technologies generate information that healthcare providers and patients can use in making treatment decisions.




Helsinn is a family run, privately owned pharmaceutical group headquartered in Lugano, Switzerland, focused on building quality cancer care with a large portfolio of products. Helsinn combines its heritage as a specialist in the in-licensing of new chemical entities with commercial, regulatory and research and development expertise to bring to market the highest quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutritional supplement products in order to achieve our goal – to build better todays for people with cancer.



We are looking at a future where the world of healthcare will be challenged by informed and empowered patients. We work for change that will improve access to medicines : the best available treatment at an affordable price. That’s why we at Janssen strive to provide access to effective and affordable medicines and related health care services to the people who need them.


Lilly Oncology

Lilly Oncology

About Lilly Oncology


Pfizer Oncology

Pfizer Oncology is committed to the discovery,investigation and development of innovative treatment options to improve the outlook for cancer patients worldwide. Our strong pipeline of biologics and small molecules, one of the most robust in the industry, is studied with precise focus on identifying and translating the best scientific breakthroughs into clinical application for patients across a wide range of cancers. By working collaboratively with academic institutions, individual researchers,cooperative research groups, governments, and licensing partners, Pfizer Oncology strives to cure or control cancer with breakthrough medicines, to deliver the right drug for each patient at the right time.




TESARO is a biopharmaceutical company devoted to providing transformative therapies to people bravely facing cancer. We see new possibilities to responsibly develop and commercialize innovative treatments where others may not. Relationships are vital to the success of our business, and we are committed to being a trusted partner to the cancer community.



About MyLifeLine

guidestar gold MyLifeLine Cancer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that encourages cancer patients and caregivers to create free personalized websites. Our mission is to empower patients to build an online support community of family and friends to foster connection, inspiration, and healing.

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