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  Kristin Hurley
Kristin Hurley
  Kristin Hurley

Good-bye Female parts & Hello Channel 6 News

Tomorrow, October 13, 2016, is a big day for me. In the morning, I am having a full robotic hysterectomy. Since my oncotype test revealed a high chance of recurrence and since my tumors were estrogen-based, I am having my ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus removed in hopes that I do not get ovarian or uterine cancer. My biggest fear for tomorrow's surgery is that I will internally bleed (again) or that they will find something in there (like a tumor). I pray to God there is not a cancer party going on in there that I am late for!

While I am in the hospital recovering, I will be on the news tomorrow afternoon! Channel 6 will air a special on Breast Cancer and support during the journey. We filmed the special here, at our home, and I was told it will air tomorrow night, October 13th, between 4:00 and 5:00. You may be able to see it on their website as well at Something funny happened right before the interview. I asked my friends Alexis & Rebecca, who are awesome make-up and hair stylists to come over and help me "look natural" for my interview. They did an amazing job, but just as they were packing up, the interviewers arrived! They had to run all of their stuff out to the cars so it didn't look like I had an entourage. It was very funny. In addition, I was interviewed and photographed for a similar story by the Burlington County Times. I believe this article is scheduled to be in the paper on Tuesday, October 18th.

As we all know and are repeatedly reminded, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Being diagnosed on October 1, 2015, I seemed to have taken this "holiday" pretty seriously. During this month of October it is important to not only discuss treatment options for those who have been diagnosed, but the importance of prevention as well. My Great Uncle and Great Aunt were diagnosed in their 80s. My Grandmothers and Mother were diagnosed in their 60s. I was diagnosed at the age of 41. My 31 year-old sister, Meg, isn't going to take any chances of joining our club. She opted for a preventive double mastectomy on September 19th of this year. She is recovering remarkably well. She has started a blog so everyone can follow her journey. Please check it out at We have teamed up together to spread the word that we are negative for the BRCA gene and still have breast cancer running rampant through our family. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CARRY THE BRCA GENE TO GET BREAST CANCER!

I love seeing all the sports teams with their pink socks and wristbands. I love the idea that a whole month is dedicated to reminding people to self-check and get annual check-ups and mammograms. I thought I may feel sad as this month approached, one year after my life changed. However, I have (accidentally) become a face and voice for Breast Cancer Awareness and I couldn't be prouder.

Our phenomenally generous friend and local orthodontist, Dr. Erin Kaz of Kazmierski Orthodontics, has the most wonderful event going on right now for "Pinktober." Check out their facebook page for more information. Here is her general plan:

"October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND National Orthodontic Health Month. Show your support and choose pink as your color for your braces. Every patient that chooses pink will be entered to win a prize AND a donation will be made by Kazmierski Orthodontics in memory of or in support of someone you know that is battling breast cancer or has beaten it." How awesome is that!!!

As I head into surgery tomorrow, I ask for your thoughts and prayers. Please pray that all will go well, that there will be no complications, and that nothing "funny" is found by the surgeon. Thank you, my friends, I feel better already knowing that you are storming the heavens on my behalf!

XOXO, Kristin

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