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  Kristin Hurley
Kristin Hurley
  Kristin Hurley

The Invite Had Not Gotten Lost!!!!

I woke in the recovery room Friday afternoon groggy but ecstatic to hear the news that there was no physical evidence of cancer in my uterus, ovaries, Fallopian tubes, or cervix. Every piece will be fully biopsied and Dr. B will go over the results with us in 2 weeks at my follow-up.

Once settled in my room, I felt remarkably well. I had a catheter, leg splints to keep from blood clots, 2 IV's, and an oxygen mask. I was able to eat a clear liquid and then even some saltines and apple sauce. I enjoyed a couple of tv shows with Bob and spoke with the kids over the phone. After that is when the real fun began! I started dozing off and when I tired to switch sides the most terrible pain hit me from my neck to my shoulder, down my side and to my waistline. I couldn't take a breath, which really freaked me out! The nurse said it was just gas, trapped in there from the robotic surgery. I knew she was probably right! However, rewind to June 2007, after my c-section with Maggie, when the nurse was telling me the EXACT same thing but in fact I was internally bleeding. This knowledge and memory sent me into a full and total panic attack! The nurse called the resident OB-GYN doctor who suggested blood work to double check that it was in fact gas and not bleeding. Less than an hour later, the nurse came in, logged into my account on the computer, paused, and then called someone. After a few "uh huh, uh huh, uh huhs" the nurse hung up and said, "Your hemoglobin blood counts are low, so we are taking you in for a CT Scan right now." Most people would probably freak out, but not me! I was ecstatic! It's not the internally bleeding that I have become so scared of, it's the idea of no one believing me that I'm internally bleeding and just leaving me there to bleed to death that is truly petrifying. Medical answers..... that's all I needed. I was still in a lot of pain as they took the CT Scan, but once we were finished they gave me meds to calm me down and help me sleep. They said they would monitor me through the night and in the AM, when they took my blood counts, it showed that the bleeding had stopped and my hemoglobin levels were back up. The gas pains were terrible as well, so between the minor internal bleeding and gas pains, the 2 days I spent in the hospital were not pleasant. Around 8:30 Friday night, I was discharged and sent home to heal.

Now, while at home, my motto is "Wear Pjs all day, every day." I am just spending the days resting, napping, reading and catching up on some TV shows. (Too bad it's not Bachelor season, but we do have Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After to enjoy:-). I am very honored that Virtua has asked me to be in the media. Bob and I watched the ABC News Specials together at the hospital on Thursday, while our kids watched it here with my Mom and Bob's parents. Today there is an article in the Burlington County Times. Truly, my story, is one of support. So, honestly, my story is a story about all of you. The emails, texts, phone calls, letters, cards, gifts, and food we receive are overwhelming. To not have to walk this journey is alone, is the best gift I can receive. Thank you all once again!!!

Here is the correct link to the ABC News Special:

Here is the link to the Burlington County Times Article:

Virtua sent me a beautiful edible arrangement with the following thank you card after being on both the ABC news special and in the BCT. "Thank you so much for opening your home and sharing your incredible story with so many people in our region! You are gracious and courageous. Very best wishes to you and your family."

XOXO, Kristin

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