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3 Natural Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be very embarrassing.  It is something no man should have to endure. Unfortunately it is something that between 5 and 15 percent of all men have problems with. There are many natural treatments that people claim work for this problem, However, many are false claims at best.  After extensive research, we have determined that these three natural treatments for E.D. will help make sure that you can always perform when the time is right.

1. Acupuncture - There are mixed studies when it comes to acupuncture, but some claim that it worked extensively for them.  There was a popular study in 1999 that found an improvement in erections in almost 40 percent of all of the men studied. A second study was performed in 2003 that found positive results in 21 percent.   However, there have been other studies showing conflicting results so more studies need to be performed to make a final decision. One very big positive is that the risk level of acupuncture is very low.

2. VigRX Plus - This is a pill made of all natural ingredients that not only improves your erections, but it is said to enlarge your penis as well.  It features the following ingredients:

Here are some of the ingredients found in Vigrx Plus:

  - Piper Nigrum L

  - Ptychopetalum Olaciodes

  - Epimedium Sagittatum

  - Panax Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba

  - Turner

  - Aphrodisiaca Fructose Serenoae

  - Erythroxylum Catuaba

  - Fructose Carataegi

The key ingredient in VigRX Plus is BioPerine®, which a black pepper extract cultivated in southern Indian regions. It is like adding a turbo charger to the other ingredients and has been clinically tested in the United States.  Scientist say it significantly enhances the bioavailability of nutrients through higher absorption.

3. VigRX Oil - VigRX Oil is a lube that offers a benefit over other treatments in that it works in 30-60 seconds after application to the penis.  Many report that it works much faster than even prescription E.D. Treatments.

Between these three options, you should be able to solve your problems and get hard once again.

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