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Support & Resources to Pass a Drug Test

Do you need to pass a drug test that will be performed soon? The odds are that if you are looking for ways to pass a drug test, then you are on this page for a reason.  For cannabis users passing a drug test can be scary and nearly impossible, but there is a help! You can pass a drug test as it is not impossible if you know the proper protocols to practice.

In this article, we will be providing you the information and support that you can use as a resource to help you detox from weed using viable methods that work fast when you are in a pinch and up for an impending drug screen.

What is THC the main active ingredient in Cannabis, Marijuana?

THC is an active chemical that is contained in most cannabinoids (Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana, Grass.) It is also referred to as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol a fat-soluble substance that is stored in your body’s fat cells.

THC can be detected using drug screens that can be performed on your fingernails, saliva, hair follicles, urine, and blood. These various types of drug tests look for the key properties contained in THC and determine if you have used them according to the traces discovered in your body.

THC is a property contained in marijuana that is responsible for effects such as euphoria, enhanced senses, cravings of food, happiness, and paranoia.

How long Does THC stay in the body?

There is no clear-cut, certain answer to the above question. The amount of time that THC stays or remains in one’s system is dependent on many different factors including:

1.   The frequency of use: According to the online resources, the more frequent you use cannabis, the more traces remain in your system for longer periods of time.

2.  THC half-life: The ½ life of THC is usually 7 days/one week. It is after this frame of time that the metabolites of THC break down and decrease. It will take about a month before the light user to be free of any traces of THC in their system.

3.  How much you smoke: When you consume marijuana very frequently and regularly and a lot of it – there will naturally be more THC in your body that can be detected by a drug test.

4.  All weed is different: Different weed strains contain variable amounts of THC levels. So how long it will stay in your system is reliant on the type of weed that you are consuming.

5.  Individual traits: Factors such as your body weight, diet, physical activity, and metabolism also determine the amount and period of time that THC can be traced in your blood, saliva, hair, and urine.

More Help to Pass a Drug Test

If you are shopping for synthetic urine or need to purchase a good brand of detox pills to pass a drug test, you may want to consult and use Lpath. LPath is a very reliable and reputable online website that features all the information that you would need to learn more or purchase products that can help you pass a drug test without fail.

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