Peggy Rydberg

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Peggy Rydberg's Story

This is peggy Rydberg's Story from the Circle of Hope website

She has struggled with breast cancer for 7 years.

"I was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in Novemeber of 2004. I had ductual cardinoma, in situ, 11 positive lymph nodes out of 18 were removed."

"I had an annual mammogram every year. In this year it was negative 2 weeks before I felt my lump, and I waited. I thought this lump was from the mammogram. I waited until Oct. to have a second mammogram. Then I had a biopsy in Oct., surgery and chemo at a later date. I had implants put in during my surgery, which later became infected. I was going through chemo at the time they were removed, the end of February. I finished chemo without my implants and put my radiation on hold, had reconstructive surgery. My breast had to be expanded over a period of two months at the Unviersity of Minnesota. I had radiation which caused the skin to shrink."

"In 2008, I got my cancer back, this time it was Stage 4, and it had metastasized to my ribs and lung. I was switched from Tamoxifen to Armidex."

"In December of 2009, the cancer had metasized to my brain. This happened after the cancer had been found in my ovaries, the ultrasound showed they wer suscipious ovaries, which I had removed at the Mayo Clinic. They thought it was fueling my cancer. I had been on Armidex, and I was still having my periods. I had three weeks of radiation (cyberknife) to my brain."

"In 2010 the cancer had spread to several other sites in my body. It was in my liver along with other places (lung, 3 ribs, brain (6 places), and spine. I had been going through chemo after having pelvic radiation."

"Recently I found out that I had a family history of breast cancer on my mother's side and two family members had bladder cancer." (My mother died when I was young from a car accident.)

"In January of 2011, I had two cyberknife treatments to the brain. I had more radiation to the brain. In 2011, I went through weekly chemo treatments and stopped in November to pursue another source of treatment."

Peggy is not being treated by traditional methods that she feels would kill her. She has cancer in the brain and many other places. She is in hopsice a couple of times per week. (Peggy Anderson)

Her message: "My message is to do your own self exams, have a digital mammogram if you have dense breasts. All lumps can be cancerous."

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