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Robert Gusek
Hopefully back again soon

I fell back in January and started having severe leg pain. It had gotten to the point where I am in a wheelchair, and for a while I thought it was an injury to my leg. It turns out that apparently when I fell I broke a piece in my L5 vertebrae and now it's shifted pretty bad and it is pinching my nerves which is causing my leg pain.

I'm glad they finally found it, and after talking with the surgeon on different possible treatments (basically a steriod injection or surgery) I've decided to have the surgery. They will put some screws, rods and a bone graft in my lower back and that should stab

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Bandages are off my hand!

I had 19 stitches and it's healing up great. I'll post a picture in a few minutes, but right now I'm waiting for my physically therapy appointment to get my splint and start therapy. Feels so good to get the bandage off and I have excellent feeling in my hand and still no pain. Dr Ortman was very happy to see how well things have gone.

Photo is up in the gallery


Hand is doing great

My pain level on my hand before the surgery was about an 8. Right now even with no pain medication it's only a 2 or 3, and the pain I had in my elbow is totally gone. I am so relieved that it's gone so well, and thankful that I had such a great doctor to operate on me.


Surgery is done on my hand

Everything went really well, even got to listen to Rush 2112 during the surgery. Going to go lie down and elevate my arm. Phot of it all bandaged up has been posted ;


Getting ready for my hand surgery

Talked with the surgery center in Greensboro today, and went over my instructions for surgery on Monday. I had to stop taking the Aleve I was using to help with the pain, and now I realize how much worse the pain has gotten. I know now that I made the right decision to go ahead and have the surgery. My work has been great, they are going to let me work from home Tuesday so I'm not having to drive in right away. Time for some more ice on my hand :)


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