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Robert Gusek


Latest update

Well just had my follow up with the oncologist about my prostate surgery. There's good news and bad news. The good news is that the prostate cancer appears to be all gone. The bad news is I misunderstood about the cancer that had spread to my bladder, the PSA test wouldn't show it's status.

The good thing is I'm not showing any symptoms right now. But the concern is how aggressive that cancer is and how fast it would spread. Since I'm so young the doctor suggested that they do an analysis of the piece that was removed with my prostate and determine how aggressive it is. That will then help us decide whether radiation treatment is something that we should do now, or if we should wait and see if the cancer get's bigger. If it's not aggressive it may not grow that fast and I may never need to do anything about it. If it is aggressive then it makes sense to go ahead and start radiation treatment now while it's still small and before it starts to spread.

I'm going back in early November to get my next PSA test, and to get the results of the additional analysis and determine the next steps.



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