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Robert Gusek


More news about my back

Well, I had my physical therapy appointment for my back last week and it went really well. He gave me a book called 'Treat your own back' and I went and purchased a lumbar support for my chair and one for the car. I was able to cut my medication back, both my muscle relaxants and the Aleve I've been taking.

It's been doing pretty good until this morning. Not sure why but it really hurt a lot and I'm having lots of trouble this morning. I've called him to discuss it with him and I'm just waiting to hear back from them, and I wanted to find out about renewing the muscle relaxants.

I'm concerned because it's now been a month and it really hasn't improved at all, and it's really having an impact on my health in other ways. I haven't been able to go to the gym and I've gained some weight which doesn't help either my knee or back.

I'm hoping that they can do something that can give me more relief soon.

My evaluation of my knee is coming up next Monday and I got my results of the x-rays at the VA. No big surprise I've got degeneration in all of the three 'compartments' of my knee, and tissue swelling, which you can see anyways. I'm hoping that they will move quickly on the knee, I want to get all these things behind me and start DOING things again :)

Hope everyone is doing well.

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