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Robert Gusek


Back is slowly getting better

I'm doing physical therapy each week, and it's slowly improving. It went from being on the side to centralizing which is good so the pain was in the center. The past week it's just been super stiff and gives me trouble moving, but most of the pain is gone. The big issue is hurting it again and setting me back to where I was.

But as I learn different habits for sitting and moving around that keeps my back in the correct position it's going to be less and less likely I hurt it again. Right now is the trickiest part because it's pretty much healed, but not strong or flexible so it's real easy to hurt it again. I'm actually just using my cane now and this morning it was super stiff, which I kind of expected as I put more weight on my back.

I'm hopefully on the downwind stretch and it's just going to slowly get better and better until I have my full range of motion back again.

As far as my cancer goes I've got an appointment with my regular doctor at the end of the month, then with my urologist in the middle of May.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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