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Robert Gusek


Back is doing much better

My back is finally where it was before I hurt it, but my physical therapist says I need to use the cane so if my knee gives out I won't fall down. So far that's worked out quite well, and I can catch myself with the cane instead of falling.

I went back for my follow up with my surgeon about the prostate cancer, and he said everything looked good and that I would be going to 6 month visits to have my PSA checked. PSA is the test for prostate cancer, and normally it's between .08 and 5. All my tests so far have always shown up with a reading of zero or a trace, nothing registered. Yesterday they took my blood for another regular PSA check and the results came back positive. So it looks like I'll be going in sooner and get more tests to see if it starts to increase from this point. If it stays low I'll probably be ok, but if it starts rising that means that it had already spread.

So now it's just a matter of waiting yet again.

Hope everyone is doing well!

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