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Robert Gusek


More updates

Well the knee surgery recovery went well, but I started having trouble with my Statins again so my doctor has told me to stop taking them for now and I've started going to the gym again to regain my leg strength and to lose some weight.

It's now time again for another PSA test and I had that done this morning, so hopefully that will continue to have good news.

Last week I noticed that I had a lump where I had my cancer surgery, so I went to my doctor on Monday and he said that I've got a surgical hernia where the probes were used. So I'm scheduled tomorrow to see the surgeon and they are going to do an ultrasound to determine what kind of surgery repair I'll need. Then they'll be scheduling that to take care of it. I'm so glad it wasn't anything more serious, but I'm kind of ready to stop having to go to the doctor and hospital for a while after this!!!

On another good note Hockey starts again here in Winston Salem on Friday, and I've got season tickets so I'm looking forward to seeing some games :)

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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