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Robert Gusek


Latest news

Well I had my hernia surgery last Monday, and for the most part it went very well. I did have some bruising from the air tube/anesthesia, but everything else went well.

I had a bit of bleeding that's basically a hematoma, and I'm going back tomorrow for my follow up with the surgeon.

I also had some good news about my hearing. I finally decided to try a hearing aid and I had my appointment today. They tested my hearing which really hasn't changed since I lost my hearing in my right ear. She then did some tests to see if a hearing aid would help. Without amplification I had a hearing comprehension of words of 90% on my good ear, and 40% on my bad ear. When she simulated having a hearing aid my comprehension went up to 98% so I'm moving forward on getting the hearing aid. I had a mold taken of my right ear, and my hearing aid will be ready on the 29th of December. I'm excited and can't wait to get it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving, and of course now it's time to get ready for Christmas :)

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