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Robert Gusek


Still struggling with the surgery

The surgery went well and the hernia repair is doing well, but the incision from the surgery is problematic.

I had an infection last week, and it also still hasn't stopped bleeding. I am finishing up my antibiotics today, and the doctor said that the incision is closing up, but it may take a while longer before it stops bleeding.

So needless to say I haven't started exercising again which is really frustrating, and I'm still having to change the bandage twice a day because of the bleeding.

I'm hoping it will stop soon and then I can start thinking about getting back into my exercise routine.

On a positive note, the maker space in Winston Salem is scheduled to open up the first week in January, and we've started ordering the equipment. We are also working on getting some woodworking and metalworking equipment donations so we'll have it available to members.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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