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Robert Gusek


Hopefully back again soon

I fell back in January and started having severe leg pain. It had gotten to the point where I am in a wheelchair, and for a while I thought it was an injury to my leg. It turns out that apparently when I fell I broke a piece in my L5 vertebrae and now it's shifted pretty bad and it is pinching my nerves which is causing my leg pain.

I'm glad they finally found it, and after talking with the surgeon on different possible treatments (basically a steriod injection or surgery) I've decided to have the surgery. They will put some screws, rods and a bone graft in my lower back and that should stabilize it. The surgeon is really good, he explained things very clearly to me, and I really like him.

My surgery is scheduled right now for October 25th, and I'm waiting for the insurance company to approve it.

I'm hoping that after this I'll be able to get back to a more normal routine. In other news I've been participating in a wellness program called WellQ and it's been nothing short of amazing. In just a few months I've lost around 40 lbs, and that is while I was in a wheelchair even. Once I start exercising I'm expecting to lose even more. Basically it involves not eating processed/fast food and watching how much I eat, and honestly it's been easy for me and it's become my new lifestyle now. Not to mention it helps with my back and my knee.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll update after my surgery.

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