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Are States Really Moving To Ban Synthetic Urine?

Adam Randall has sparked an outrage in the Queensbury, New York area. Randall is a 31-year-old on probation for a second offense drug charge. As part of his probation he is required to take random urine tests.

Well, when he went in for one of his recent tests he handed his probation officer a vial of yellow liquid. His parole officer said that the substance looked like urine, but swore up and down that it was synthetic urine.

The parole officer claims that Randall snuck the substance into the office by storing the urine in a small bottle stuffed in his pants. This has sparked the authorities to move to ban the sale and use of fake pee in the state of New York.

The Rising Concern Of Addiction

It is already well known that opioids are becoming a major problem in the United States. All you have to do is just look at the number of overdose deaths that are related to opioid abuse. When you combine this with the methamphetamine, marijuana and cocaine abuse that is still going on, you are looking at a volatile situation.

With more and more states legalizing the use of recreational marijuana it really is more important than ever to make sure that authorities have the ability to accurately test drug offenders.

Sure, people have been trying to beat these tests before synthetic urine was ever a product on the market, but this substance has really changed the drug testing industry.

Synthetic Urine Kits Are Available Everywhere

Authorities say that the most troubling thing about synthetic urine is that it is readily available. Sure, you can buy synthetic urine online, but with its increase in popularity anyone can walk into a local head shop or truck stop and find fake pee. And, what’s even more is that the product is fairly affordable. Synthetic urine for drug test can be found priced at anywhere from $17 to $75.

The best synthetic urine brands come with heat activator powder (to keep it on the right temperature), they looks and even smell like real human urine. Most synthetic urine company started to add urea and uric acid to their products and balance it for perfect PH level to make it even harder to detect.

The Laws Are Already In Place

It is a well-known fact that Indiana and New Hampshire already banned the sale and use of synthetic urine last year. Missouri and Mississippi have already moved to get the substance banned this year, but there are 18 other states that are following pursuit.

The National Conference of State Legislatures say that an additional 18 states already have laws in place to ban the sale and use of fake pee. The claims are that individuals in high-risk jobs can easily thwart pre-employment drug tests and potentially put the public at risk.

Unfortunately, in Mississippi the bill made it passed the House vote, but it eventually died in the Senate vote. The association does intend to bring the bill back in place next year and try for successful outcome.

Trouble Finding Clean Workers

A number of companies nationwide have already reported that they are having troubles finding workers who can pass drug tests. And, when they do find workers that can pass the test, the companies are having a hard time getting them to show up consistently.

This proves that synthetic urine actually passes and when people feel like their lives and livelihoods are at stake they are going to seek out ways to get around a urine test.

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