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How To Buy Potent Cbd Products From An Online Dispensary In Canada

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a by-product from hemp and marijuana. It’s a universally known fact that marijuana and hemp, for medical use, is gaining popularity across the world. The benefits of CBD products make it a very enticing market. In Canada, you can purchase CBD products both from actual stores and from online sources. Here's a guide on how to buy potent CBD products from an online source in Canada:

1. Always check for test results and recommendations

Because you’re buying from an online dispensary, the only way for you to check its quality is to read through the test results and recommendations section of the website. Most companies will gladly provide this for you, and will always make their test results publicly available for you to see. Hence, when choosing, think of yourself window-shopping: check and read through each test result first before finally making a purchase. WeedSmart dispensary readily gives their customers any information they wish regarding test results, manufacturers, and even recommendations and feedback from other customers as well.

2. Do your research first on reliable manufacturers.

The FDA doesn’t, unfortunately, regulate cannabidiol. Hence, you might have some difficulty in checking if certain CBD products are really of good quality. The best way for you to have some peace of mind with your purchase is to do your research beforehand. Always check to see that the manufacturer of these products use high-quality plants in a chemical-free soil and environment. These are other factors you should also look for in a manufacturer:

  • ● Years of experience
  • ● Good track record in business
  • ● The extraction method

At present, there are only 120 licensed growers in Canada.

3. Purchase from online dispensaries that are easy to deal with and contact.

With the rising number of companies selling CBD products, sometimes it can be hard to decipher which of these companies are trustworthy or not. Jump over to the Contact Us section of the online dispensary's website and contact them. If they’re easy to reach and talk to, then this should be a major plus for you. Never purchase any CBD product that, to you, looks like they’re not trustworthy enough, because there are, in fact, many companies who are only there to sell for the hype, without taking note of the health benefits they wish to achieve.

Remember that in Canada, even recreational marijuana is already legal. However, the products used for recreational marijuana are different from that for medical purposes. When purchasing CBD products for medical purposes, it shouldn’t have THC, the component that will leave you feeling high and addicted.

4. Don’t forget your prescription.

When you’re purchasing CBD products for recreational purposes, you can quickly get one from any privately owned business in Canada. However, if you’re looking to buy one for medical purposes, like for cancer treatment and management, you can only purchase from federal-controlled sources, and a prescription will be necessary. CBD oil products also can’t be purchased in physical stores, because there’s still a need for more research regarding its therapeutic and wellness effects.

5. Study more on the potential benefits of specific CBD products that you’re looking to buy.

Before you make an actual purchase, you should also read more and study more about the potential benefits of specific CBD products. When you’re aware of the potential benefits, you’ll know what extent to keep your expectations. Be wary of products that claim to be the one-stop cure for almost everything, as these statements can be easily deceiving. And yes, these statements are false. When you study and research, make sure that the specific product that you will purchase matches the health needs that you’re going to use it for.

6. Know the laws in Canada!

One of the most important things for you to remember before making a purchase is to know the laws in Canada. Concerning the purchase of CBD products, do take note of the following:

  • ● You have to be over the age of 18 to purchase any CBD product across Canada, except in Ontario where you have to be 19.
  • ● For every purchase, you can’t go beyond 30 grams.

Hence, if you’re buying CBD products for medical reasons, take note of the limit that you can purchase so that this can be adjusted in your prescription.


This guide will help you make the best CBD product purchase in Canada. Although marijuana and hemp are still very controversial in the medical field, they’ve also gone quite famous for their healing properties. As you’re choosing to go the natural way of healing, always remember to make sure that your CBD products should be as potent as they can be, with less additional chemicals, to avoid any further problems in your health; the benefits should always be higher than the risks.

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