Sterling Chronicles

4 months short

There I was minding my own business. Checking my to-do list and calendar. Mentally planning out my day. When it hit me like a ton of bricks. Today is the 27th of January, that means, oh man. Really? Yes today marks the 4 month anniversary of Sterling's passing. These 4 months have played a wicked toll on our family. Our lives. Somedays we are barely surviving and others we seem to be ok. The grief process is still in full swing. Never knowing what is going to effect who at which time. It is often said those who love deeply grieve deeply. I honestly never knew how deeply I could love one tiny person. Her spunk and beauty are missed. Sterling is forever in my heart.
<3 Always
A Broken Hearted Tante

ps this picture was taken while in the middle of Downtown Seattle. Some of the RockStars were meandering when we stumbled on this heart. It was a little bit of happiness in our grief. 

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Adrianna DeLeon's

Aww, what a nice suprise stumbling accross that heart!    Hugs to all of you  :-)