Sterling Chronicles

Heart of a Great Grandmother

As the other great grandma, I am sitting in my retirement home room, just ten minutes away, praying for my family at all levels. Having learned through many years' experiences of having to say goodbye, that I don't have to grieve for our precious little girl who is in a much better place. Oh, I'll miss her terribly and remember her often and treasure the one time we had together on Mother's Day.

My son, Sterling's Opa, was sitting with me when she decided to find out who I was. She climbed into Opa's lap as he explained to her that he was my "little boy". While she was thinking about it, I started massaging her little feet. She loved it so much, she gave me her little hands to do also. All the while we communicated through twinkling eyes and smiles.

And so my sweet treasure of a great grandchild, we will meet in a little while, and holding hands we'll romp and skip through eternity!

Great Grandma K
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