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Little Robin Red Breast

In case you haven't figured it out yet, LOL, I have Breast Cancer Metastasis to Bone.

Even funnier, my husband The Chief, aka Bob, has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Hmm, maybe we should start our own Clinic!

Fortunately for him, and me, his cancer has been caught at a very early stage and so he is bound to be cured. The doctor has given a couple of treatment choices, which Bob is considering.

My status right now is okay. Yesterday, and so far today, I have not had to take any ex...

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#ThisIsMBC Elements Project
#ThisIsMBC Elements Project · featured
Having spirit and being positive mean different things to different people. To Barbara, it’s all about keeping a strong mindset and refusing to let cancer define who she is. What do “spirit” and “positivity” mean to you? Share your thoughts and learn more about the #ThisIsMBC campaign today.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 03/19/2012

I've been holding off on writing a new post. Because, I haven't been feeling well for over a week now. I really didn't want to share that with you. Frankly, I didn't want to share it with my self. But...

I'm not perfect. I decided to let you in on that secret. For the most part, I've been doing well in keeping my "happy, calm, and joyfull" mantra on a daily basis. But, not lately. A contributing factor has been some problems in the world of family. And that's all I'm saying 'bout that.

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Battling Cancer Cells Through Imaging - 03/08

I fall asleep listening to meditation music (received DVD from my sister and downloaded it into my iPhone.)

Since I received it I have been looking/thinking about what would be a good image for me to meditate upon showing me fighting off the bad cancer cells. One was Democrats fighting off any Republicans that were disturbing my health and wellbeing.

But, today I found just what I was looking for on my SIL's blog:

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My Dog Knows I'm Sick With Cancer! 02/15/201

If you have been reading my Blog you know by now that we have a wonderful Cockapoo named Copper and that he is not only handsome, but also very smart.

And since my diagnosis of Breast Cancer Mets to the Bone, I've noticed changes in his behavior. For example:

He stays with me more and watches me very intently. This is not unusual behavior for dogs... Studies have been done showing dogs know when their owner is sick with cancer.

But, here is what makes me laugh in awe:

Whenever I...

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30% of Breast Cancer "Survivors" Will Be Diag

The picture you're viewing is my tummy with the markings that show where the treatment machine needs to line up with in order to zap the right area of my spine.

It's not a scary procedure, even though two huge machines exchange places. One zaps the area from under me to the spine and the other zaps the spine from topside through the stomach, etc. This is the zap that has the side effect of nausea. Some days I just make it home to throw up. Planning a little more carefully this week, I'm not eating a...

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WE CAN DO IT! 02/01/2012

Today, as the Chief was driving me to an appointment, we were quickly approaching a truck that had it's brake lights on.

Now the Chief and I have different driving styles, to put it mildly. And unfortunately I am a Nervous Nelly passenger. So, I loudly said something about slowing down. Now I know he's a good driver and I also know that saying that to him did not set well, even as I said it.

I turned my head towards him and sweetly said... "Honey, that made me feel a little bit nervous and sc...

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Fibromyalgia? Or, The Big C? 1/11/2011

So, starting where I left off. Tests became a hobby of mine. And then, an x-ray of my lower back was taken to see if back surgery was needed. Unfortunately, that x-ray did indeed show my back was a mess and could use surgery. But, there was a "shadow" on the x-ray that needed checking out. And, that's when they found the Cancer.

Yup, Cancer. Makes my Fibromyalgia seem a little wimpy. In 1998 I had Breast Cancer which was successfully treated. Now I find out that certain cancers are Metastatic no matter how...

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