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  Ken Ivey
Ken Ivey
August 2018 update

Here's the latest on my treatment / condition: As you may know, I have monthly visits to the Milwaukee VA for treatment and tests. I'm currently getting a monthly IV for a bone-strengthening medication which is not chemo (I take that via pill daily) but is dangerous enough for the nurse to have to wear protective gear, lol.

Got to see Dr. England (ortho) who wanted to check up on my hip, so they took x rays and everything is still in good shape so far. Aside from a few minor mishaps, I'm trying hard to limit stress on the area. I mean, who really wants a hip replacement, right? Dr. Engla

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  Ken Ivey
Day 43 - Christmas

"Merry Christmas Everyone"

We had a nice quiet Christmas. Krystal visited and brought goodies from Penny - delicious.

Lots of time to pray and reflect on blessings. And then watch John Wayne movies on AMC. Should do this more often. :)

Blessings, friends.

Robin here: As a side note, Ken completely polished off his plate again. Hamburger, smashed tators, sweet potatoes, spinach and salsa.

His appetite seems to go in waves but it's getting alot better, and so is he!

  Ken Ivey
Day 42 - Christmas Eve

Even though we're far from home on Christmas eve, technology provides us a way to connect with family during our celebration. We were able to participate in gift exchanges and general merriment. Thanks to Robin's brothers Perry & Gary for handling the iPad. :)

We tried to connect with Krystal, but technology didn't work well on that end. Maybe next time. :)

Today was pretty uneventful otherwise, which is a good thing. We've been watching Christmas movies all day.

Merry Christmas, friends. Blessings to you all.

  Ken Ivey
Day 41

Robin's back! (Actually made it here Thursday, but it slipped my mind in the update). She forgives me.

My sister Krystal bought some masks similar to mine for my brothers/sisters in arms, and I dropped them off at the clinic today, hoping some will be distributed before Christmas. They're really nice and way better than the standard issue the VA provides.

Josh went exploring today and found a hipster coffee shop. Might have to check that out soon. While he was out, Robin and I trekked to the Army/Navy surplus store, then to Krogers.

I took a nice hot bath and felt a lot better after. Robin

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  Ken Ivey
Day 40

Sorry for the interruption in updates. I had every intention, yet when it came time - I was out of gas. I'll catch you up in this update.

Jeff & Ahn arrived and took good care of me until they left yesterday morning. Lots of good conversation, it was so good to see my brother again.

Josh decided to hang out in the interim, providing relief so there was no lack of caregiver coverage. I'm so glad he's able to do this.

Donna, my NP, authorized the removal of my PICC line, so that'll be one less thing to worry about. I'm hoping that after the wound heals I'll be able to jump in the pool.


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  Selena Davis
Day Thirty Six (12/18/17)

Playing catch up here. Not a whole lot to report on for yesterday, 12/18/17.

Kenny was able to leave the comfy hospital bed and to go back to the hotel.

We had another changing of the guard as our brother, Jeff and his wife, Anh 'drove' all the way from Ft. Worth, TX!!

They jumped right into their caregiver duties by cleaning out the fridge (I am sure it was much needed)!

Kenny should be ready to post today for day Thirty Seven and catch everyone up. :)

  Selena Davis
Day Thirty Five

Good news today!! They took Kenny off one of the antibiotics and his temps have been holding steady. If he continues to progress, he may be able to leave the hospital and return to his home away from home hotel suite tomorrow! The VFW visited today and left him some goodies (a bag of toiletries and a cute little red knitted cap.

Here's a picture from yesterday - the chemo has finally started robbing him of his hair.

Our brother, Jeff and his wife - Anh, are due to arrive soon from Texas and will be with Kenny until Robin arrives on 12/21.

Your prayers are making a huge difference! Please keep

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  Selena Davis
Day Thirty Four

Still enjoying the hospital ammentities. In a holding pattern until the blood culture results come in. Might need more antibiotics or reduce the current ones. Pics won't post from the phone so adding those tomorrow. Today's lunch was mashed taters and yummy jello. Follical challenges have begun. Thanks for my current and future prayers!

  Selena Davis
Day Thirty Three

Kenny is loving the hospital life so much, he's decided to stay for a few more days. Maybe even until Wednesday.

A local bank dropped off a gift bag with a blanket, hat and other comfort items.

He rode the stationary bike for awhile today until he got tired. He got some whole blood today since his red blood count dropped.

His vitals are looking good. Keep the prayers flowing!!

  Selena Davis
Day Thirty Two

Posting for Kenny:

Still captive at the hospital. Temp is down to 100.3 (still not as low as it could be but out of the danger zone). He's feeling a little better tonight but being held for blood culture results and being given antibiotics and fluids.

Snuggles, Krystal's cat, is helping share in the pic line struggles.

Numbers are looking good...

Our sister, Krystal, came by to visit and watch a movie or two ... had some problems getting through the door...couldn't quite find the 'witch'.

Josh took a great pic of the statue illuminated outside the hotel.

Keep the prayers coming!!! Very appreciat

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  Selena Davis
Day Thirty One

Posting on behalf of Kenny:

Busy day today. At my clinic appointment that low-grade fever spiked a little bit so they ordered tons of tests and asked me too show up twice daily just once.

They gave me antibiotics and I also got my platelets today. Despite that, the fever persisted so the doctor admitted me to the hospital this evening.

I'll be monitored and tested and basically they're going to give me antibiotics to stave off any kind of infection.

Wish me luck.


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