Selena Davis
Day Thirty One

Posting on behalf of Kenny:

Busy day today. At my clinic appointment that low-grade fever spiked a little bit so they ordered tons of tests and asked me too show up twice daily just once.

They gave me antibiotics and I also got my platelets today. Despite that, the fever persisted so the doctor admitted me to the hospital this evening.

I'll be monitored and tested and basically they're going to give me antibiotics to stave off any kind of infection.

Wish me luck.

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  Selena Davis
Day Thirty

Posting on behalf of my brother, Kenny.

Got IV fluids today. Also a shot to boost his stem cells & white count recovery. Maybe platelets tomorrow. Still on liquid diet for now.

  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Nine

Another uneventful day, more or less.

Stopped by the clinic, had blood tests done. White counts finally bottomed out, red cells stable, but lost half my platelets overnight, so I may have to get some soon. Also, some stomach pain so they want me to do a 24 hour clear liquid diet. 1/2 way done! :)

Needed to do laundry, just no energy. Maybe tomorrow.

Blessings - Ken

  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Eight

Another day. Appointment kept, labs okay and levels dropping as expected. Took a bath this morning that expended all of my energy. So I laid around most of the day, trying to keep up with food & liquid intake. Good news is, only 4-5 more days of this before levels are expected to start going back up.

For now, just trying to tread water.

Selena bought some scratch-off tickets at the drugstore before she left yesterday, I think I won enough to pay for laundry. Woohoo!

Good night.

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  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Seven

Today my counts are continuing to drop as expected, so that’s good. I still have a pretty good appetite, though I’m feeling like NOT eating more than I feel like eating. Trying to keep the protein up though.

Doc saw me today and ran down the list of fun things that could happen, but I won’t repeat them now, we’ll just hope for the best.

Played a few video games before Selena said goodbye - after spending a week here. I’ll miss her, we don’t see each other often enough. We made little icons that resemble us. Mine even has a mask. :)

Had a nice nap this afternoon, watched a James...

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  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Six

Felt a little better this morning after some sleep. Made my appointment, Donna said “boring is good”. I must be good.

Did some walking at WalMart today, took a nap, sat in traffic for a few hours picking up Josh. Tired. Just tired.

Got home at dinner and had a second wind for a bit, playing Mario Cart with Selena, Josh & Krystal. Tired again.

Hopefully Krystal or Selena will chime in. I’m just bushed right now.

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  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Five

Was dragging a little this morning after a rough night with broken sleep. Selena got me to my appointment and we had some blood drawn, which will be the standard for several days to come. The lab results showed I needed some fluids, so I was put on a 2 hour IV drip. Thankfully, the chair was almost comfortable. :)

My blood counts haven’t bottomed out yet, so I still have a little energy, but doc reminded me again that soon I’ll look really old for a time. I’m thinking that ship has sailed, but we’ll keep snapping pics to compare, lol. It’s likely that at some point I’ll need...

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  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Four

Well, here we go. I was released from inpatient status after the transplant since there were no complications or fever from the procedure. The doc did remark that I smelled like sweet corn. I was expecting garlic, as that’s a common side effect of the preservative they add to the frozen stem cells.

My BP is responding well, it had peaked a few days ago and was starting to bother me. Back to decent territory with medicine.

Now I just have to avoid getting any type of infection while my immune system is down. I’m doing my part with lots of hand washing,etc. So far my appetite is still...

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  Selena Davis
Day Twenty Three

Today was Transplant Day!!! Kenny has passed the baton to me (one of his younger sisters) to post the day's update. We started the day with a quick coffee and then headed to the VA hospital to get settled in for transplant day! There was a changing of the guard (caregiver) as Kenny said goodbye (for a few days) to his son, Josh, before heading home.

Waiting on the door and in the room were symbols of welcome - this place is great!

We arrived for the appointment at 8am and were then told the procedure would not start until 11am.

The transplant (reintroducing half of the 9m stem cells back...

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  Ken Ivey
Day Twenty Two

Not too much exciting happening today, it was sort of a rest day but still had to drop in the clinic to get my blood tested. Everything came back as expected, so I continue as planned with the stem cells tomorrow morning. I’ll be admitted to the hospital for this, the whole thing only takes a half hour or so, but they need to monitor me for 24 hours.

Got to check out the laundry room today and did two loads. Cost $7.00, eh, not terrible. Makes me appreciate the laundry machine back home.

I’m bringing my laptop tomorrow so I can work while I’m there, and if I’m up to it, continue with...

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