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  Ken Ivey
Ken Ivey
What’s New With Ken?

Friday, October 4, 2019

Greetings - and thank you for being so patient between updates.  They say no news is good news, right? Pretty accurate in my case.  I’ve been in remission for most of the last 21 months, but the disease has cropped back up over the last 3 months (expected) so while I didn’t want to break the bad news, a few of my clients started to wonder when I mentioned trips to the Milwaukee VA.   

As you may know, I did updates on GoFundMe (general cancer)  and MyLifeLine (transplant procedure), but I thought to avoid confusion it’d

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  Ken Ivey
New Calendar Event
I will receive daily shots to induce overproduction of bone marrow and stem cells for harvesting This event has one date:
• Friday, Nov. 17
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Your Voice Matters
Your Voice Matters · featured
Multiple Myeloma Research Study
Multiple Myeloma Research Study
Your voice matters! Participate in a research study about Multiple Myeloma that is being conducted by Duke University. Help shape the future of multiple myeloma treatment, policy, and the development of resources. To participate, contact Kathryn Lallinger at or learn more below.
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  Ken Ivey
New Calendar Event
Probably review findings of tests and then give consent for treatment This event has one date:
• Thursday, Nov. 16
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