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  Ken Ivey
Ken Ivey
  Ken Ivey

Day 45

Spent a good deal of time this morning going over a form for submitting a claim for VA disability, since it appears my malady is more likely than not due to exposure to some unsavory items during Desert Storm. Not sure what will come of it, but folks at the VA seem to think I should try. Since it's so important, I'm researching the best way to make the process of evaluating the claim as simple as possible.

Took a break from the process to have a bite of lunch at a place Josh found a few days ago. The food was delicious and the coffee was pretty good. Glad they had lots of nooks to hide away from the general public so as to keep my exposure low.

I'm still eating and drinking well, so as to build up my blood counts. Hopefully I'll get through these next few days without any setbacks and maintain my 'early' release on Jan 2. I'd really hoped they'd let me go earlier, but c'est la vie.

Thank you all for your continued prayer and well wishes.

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