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  Ken Ivey
Ken Ivey
  Ken Ivey

Day 51

(traveling all day yesterday, hence the delay)

Well, this day didn't go exactly as planned - my exit appointment was delayed by an hour and then turned into two appointments. No matter, we were released - just later than we'd have liked.

Krystal came back to help pack and it was all we could do to pack everything into the car. Glad we had the help - we then convoyed with Krystal back to Kentucky since we were going right past her place.

Oh - was so tired before that I forgot to mention that after dinner with Wes & Laura we dropped Josh off at his place in Murfreesboro. He's been a godsend, hanging out much longer than he signed up for initially and filling holes in the schedule. Wish I'd have felt better so it'd have been a more pleasant visit - he hung with me during the hardest parts.

I want to credit Robin for the rest of this update, documenting the trip home. I drove a lot, and she relieved me when I needed it. Good teamwork. Thanks babe. :)

My last trip down the hall to the Bone Marrow Transplant unit.

In the waiting room. For a few hours. :(

On the wall in the waiting room.

Finally leaving downtown Nashville.

It was unusually cold in Tennessee. Water seepage froze.

As Robin put it - "Sun setting on a long day, long month, long year...."

As this site was primarily for the transplant, I'm going to take a few days off from updating. I may resume posting here, or GoFundme page, or elsewhere. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks so much for your feedback, support, prayers during this difficult time. I couldn't have done it without you.

Blessings - Ken

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