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  Ken Ivey
Ken Ivey
  Ken Ivey

Three Weeks Out

Good morning! Today marks three weeks since I’ve been home from the transplant center in Nashville, so I thought it’d be a good idea to update everyone.

It felt weird being home at first, probably because I’d settled into the ‘outpatient transplant’ life so well. But it was really good to see our animal family, though I have to maintain a good distance from our chickens for the time being. Also nice to sleep in a familiar bed. :)

I haven’t been getting out much - trying to avoid sick people - but I have been to a few small Chamber of Commerce meetings and had a few client meetings and of course the radio club. Popped in to see my VA Primary Care doc to update him, and also my Oncologist. Even saw my Dentist who’s busy making my dentures. What a process. Should have some choppers by Spring.

All in all, it’s good to be ‘free’ even with the restrictions. Hey, who am I fooling? It’s the middle of Winter in Wisconsin - this time last year I was hibernating anyway. Even so, very much looking forward to Spring.

Hey, thanks again for hanging out with me during the transplant - you’ve been a huge blessing. I hope to see everyone more when this place thaws out. :)

Stay tuned - I’ll probably use this site for more updates as we go, at least for now.

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