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  Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson
  Kelly Wilson

Top Reasons Why People Get Divorced

No marriage is easy. Every couple fights and make up. It is inevitable. However, there are some challenges that are difficult to overcome. Couples who are not committed and fight often will most likely end up in the courtroom. That's why it's important to find ways to resolve relationship issues at the early stages. The longer it takes to resolve an issue, the more problematic it becomes to find a solution. Spend time together, go on a romantic vacation and always seek marriage counseling regardless of how things are.

Go the extra mile to make your marriage work. And when things are beyond your control then you know it's high time you want your separate ways. That way you can have peace of knowing that you tried your very best before taking the final decision.

So what are the real reasons for divorce? According to SplitSimple, an uncontested divorce mediation service here are some of the reasons why people think it's time to end their marriage. 

1. Infidelity

This is the number one reason why many people file for a divorce. Most married couples struggle with infidelity. Extramarital affairs will have a negative impact on a marriage. Of course, there are many reasons why people cheat including lack of emotional intimacy, sexual satisfaction, and happiness. Cheating starts as an emotional affair but later takes a step up to become a physical affair. Infidelity can doom a marriage. No matter how hard you try to cover your tracks, it will be exposed.

2. Finance

Many people go into a marriage for the money. And when things take a turn for the worse, they feel uncomfortable staying in the relationship. They find it hard to cope since the love and happiness in the relationship were spurred by the money.

Also, issues arise from the fact that a spouse earns more money than the other. An insecure spouse may feel threatened for this.

3. Role Friends Play

The role of friends is also another factor that causes strain in a marriage. One partner might feel their spouse is not giving him the required attention. Instead, they spend too much time with their friends and loved ones. This can lead to a feeling of being less appreciated and unloved.

4. Sex

This list will be incomplete without mentioning sex. Many couples have different sex drives. Incompatible sex drives might be another leading cause of divorce. Different sexual appetites can plague a couple as they try hard to meet their needs. Plus, sex drive changes at different stages of life. At this time, one partner might feel rejected.

5. Communication

One way to ensure a long lasting relationship is to keep the communication going. Lack of communication will impact all aspects of a relationship. Constant communication, on the other hand, is a great way to build a strong marriage that will last forever. Raising your voice at your partner, and not creating enough time to talk brings a joyous marriage to an end abruptly.

If you are looking to save your marriage, you need to be committed towards making it work. Marriage is an institution, so do everything possible to save from collapse. Always seek counseling. If both partners are committed to making their relationship work, there are lots of things that can be done to address the issue.

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