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  Jamie Nott
Jamie Nott

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My Story

Last updated: Sunday, December 30, 2018

November 27th 2018, the day I heard the words that I never thought I would hear especially at 44 years of age. The words.....Mr. Nott You have CANCER!!!! What my Otolaryngologist said afterwards I can't really remember much of it, it was sorta just a blah blah blah sound almost like the adults in the Charlie brown cartoons. The type of cancer he was calling it was Squamous Cell Carcinoma, in other words neck and throat cancer and that he was needing to get me an appointment with the Tom Baker Centre here in Calgary which is one of the top Cancer centres in Canada.

Now let me take you back a few months or so to give you the how we got to this point. It started back in late August early September when I was camping I started to feel a shooting pain from my left should all the way up to the top of my LH side of my head. I did the usual take pain meds but didn't seem to help too much, while rubbing my neck I noticed a lump on the LH side right under the rear of my jaw line. Now at first you'd think that would concern me being an ex smoker however I had a lump in the similar area 5 years back and had a biopsy and ultra sound on it and it was benign and eventually disappeared and never caused any pain. This one however was so I figured lets go get it checked out and go from there. My doctor said it could be an enflamed something or other (I am really bad with medical terms) and since I had one 5 years ago we would do another ultra sound to have another look and put me on some antibiotics. The antibiotics seemed to help a little as the pain wasn't as high in my head anymore. The ultra sound came back showing that there was no vascular meaning it shouldn't be cancer......... The pain in my should, neck and head wasn't gong away and Advil and Tylenol were not making it go away and I was loosing about 2-4 hours a night of sleep as that it when it was the worst. I could make it through the work day but it was laborious to use my LH arm at times, due to this continued pain we decided to put me on Gabapentin a nerve pain medicine and schedule me an appointment with a Otolaryngologist. The Gabapentin seemed to help a little bit and my appointment with the Otolaryngologist wasn't until Jan 2018 and this was late September time frame which I wasn't happy with so I begged my doctor to improve the date which she tried but was turned down. So me being me, I decided to call them and ask if they had a cancellation list and they did so I asked to be put on the list. A day or so later I got a call from them saying they had an opening for the next day if I was available, I said yes of course. I got this call as I was driving to my office which at that time I got laid off. Swell just what I needed however finally got an appointment improvement. Went to my appointment the next day and he suggested doing a biopsy on this in his office and also get me a rush CT scan. He never mentioned a concern of cancer I figured he was doing this to determine how to get this lump out of my neck........ Then comes Nov 27 2018.........

This will be my journey

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