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Discover Features to Easily Engage & Connect

Ready to start building & connecting with your community? When you create an account on MyLifeLine, you immediately gain access to these key features.

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Discover all the tools you need to receive emotional support and strength. Create a personal network, follow a discussion forum, or find helpful resources like your local Cancer Support Community locations and news, healthy recipes during and post cancer treatment, and quick access to our Cancer Support Helpline.

Personal Network

This is where you invite your friends & family to follow along as you document your cancer experience. Share information about your diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, with stories, photos, or videos. Your network can respond with messages to give you strength & hope.

Helping Calendar

Your family and friends want to help. Make it easy by organizing your medical appointments, meals, childcare, pet care, and other events on this calendar. Your friends & family will be notified as events are added, so they can sign up to help you.


Capture memories throughout your journey. Creating a downloadable keepsake is a perfect way to produce a gift for a friend or family member, archive the content on your personal network site permanently, and share it with friends & family.

Examples of personal network tools like shareable helping calendar and posts
A variety of sample discussion forum posts

Discussion Forums

Our discussion forums are moderated by licensed mental health professionals and are available 24/7. Share your experiences with other MyLifeLine members & learn about their own experiences to minimize isolation and find hope & inspiration. Join forums on topics that resonate with you:

  1. Advanced Non-melanoma Skin Cancer
  2. Apoyo al cuidador
  3. Cancer in Your 20s-30s
  4. Caregiver Support
  5. CAR-T Cell Therapy & Immunotherapy
  6. Coping with Side Effects
  7. Grief & Loss
  8. Hacer frente a los efectos secundarios
  9. Living with AML
  1. Living with Breast Cancer
  2. Living With DLBCL
  3. Living with Lung Cancer
  4. Managing Multiple Myeloma
  5. Nutrition & Wellness
  6. Nutrición y Bienestar
  7. Parenting with Cancer
  8. Post-treatment Survivors

Private Chats

Send a friend request to the person you would like to message (click on their profile photo and select "Add Friend"). Once they accept, you can chat privately with them on the platform.

Example of private chats on the MyLifeLine platform

Other Features


  1. Activity Feeds
  2. Assign Care Coordinators
  3. Cancer Resources & Tools
  4. Free Cancer Navigation & Helpline
  5. Multi-language Platform

Ease of Use

  1. English and Spanish language
  2. Personal Email Settings
  3. Private, Secure Platform
  4. Technical Account Support

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