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Angels for Laceine
Laceine Mason
Not in Remmission

 Thank you so much Tanya Ratclif, Stephanie Hannah and Stefhon Hannah for the "Balling for Better Days" fundraiser in my honor. We are getting closer to getting me the treatments I need. Just another $10,000! I pray God allows me the time. Fluid is starting to rebuild and I'm in discomfort. I see my doctor tomorrow to discuss options to remove some of the fluid but nothing will help until I get the help I need. If 100 people would donate $100 I would have enough to get the help I need. Still racing against time!
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6 Weeks Later!

Its been 6 weeks since my surgery and all is well with my soul. I'm able to move around a little better and have a good appetite. No complaints, just staying positive and in good spirits. Thank you angels!


Race for Time!

Cancer is not gone and now its a race for time! Diagnosed as stage 3, with some cancer still left in my body. Still on a mission to raise the money I need! Thank you praying angels for your support we are getting there one donation at a time. God bless you!


Tumors Gone!

Surgery is over, home from the hospital after 10 days and now recovering. Overall still feel like I was hit by a bus but I am relieved that the large tumors have been removed and I am healing. The next step is still trying to raise money for further treatments. I wanna thank you for your prayers and support during this tumultuous time. Thank you to my giving angels for your love and donations, and to those who wanted to give but just didn't have it and also to those of you who could but just didn't. This journey will be a long road to recovery but all is well with my soul!!!!

Gotta rest now so

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Surgery Rescheduled!

My surgery has been reschedule for July 2, 2013. I have to get all of the pre-op testing completed!


Surgery Scheduled

Hello everyone, my surgery is scheduled for monday morning at Christ Hospital located at:

4440 W 95th St
(between Kilbourn Ave & Kenneth Ave)
Oak Lawn, IL 60453
(708) 684-8000

It should take approximately 3 hours. Recovery time in the hospital is 3-5 days and recovery at home will be 6-8 weeks. Check back next week for more updates. I'm so ready to get this over with.


Cleared for Surgery!

Thyroid levels coming down due to high doses of meds. Will be going to surgery in a few days. I will update you on the exact date tomorrow.


Too High-Risk For Surgery

Today I get my blood drawn to see if my thyroid levels are down. When I get the results on Monday June 17th my Endocrinologist will determine if I am clear to have the surgery. If all goes well I will have the surgery around the week of the June 23rd.


Block Party in the Park Charity Fundraiser

Due to Laceine's scheduled surgery "Block Party in the Park Charity Fundraiser" has been postponed until further notice. Please check back for updates!


Block Party in the Park Charity Fundraiser

For those interested in competing in the chili cook-off for the Block Party in the Park Fundraiser Benefit on June 23, 2013  Please call Lashai at (219) 678-4102 or Laceine (980) 213-8002

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any HOTTER outside!



1st Annual “CHILI COOK OFF”

Whether you want to

“Cook & Compete”…or just “Wanna Eat”

Taste all the chili you desire and vote for the “BEST” Chili

$10 Adults and $5 Kids under 12

Includes wristband for all fun activities

ü  The chili co

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