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Last updated: Apr 28 2017

SunBirdArts created in 1996, our art studios make the production, development, design, planning, sales and service as our whole body. All paintings can be satisfied by the different community's requirement.

We can offer personalized customized services and standardized oil painting replication business. In here, you can searching for the perfect artworks. Our website is simple and easy to purchase your favorite paintings, you can order any artworks that you would like.

Our studio have many of outstanding oil painting artists who have the professional skills, who represent the highest standards in the field of art. we will strive to guarantee the leading position of “SunBirdArts” in the art field.

Our Studios

The all of oil paintings were hand painted by our outstanding painter. The types of oil painting include custom oil painting , Figure ,landscape, flowers ,animals, nude ,birds .The style of oil painting as realism, abstract, ornament , modern oil painting reproductions , classical, impression and etc. We do all kinds of artworks include oil portrait, masterpieces reproductions, original oil paintings, pencil drawing, watercolor painting and etc. Our artworks around the world, many art wholesalers and individual customers order the paintings from us.

Respect for the Individual, Customer Service and Strive for Excellence.” They are our three basic maxims . SunBirdArts is the outstanding quality and noble brand , SunBirdArts was build, the oil painting of SunBirdArts also confirmed that the all of the artworks from us has the excellent quality, Our traditional areas requested by the production of various types of high-quality customer exquisite hand painted oil paintings, the hand painted oil paintings are pure products from hand painted. We offer personalized service for each customer. Our oil paintings around the world, many customers import oil painting reproductions from us. Our customers have from the“US,UK,Germany,Franceand etc.

Our studios

Credibility is the foundation of our reputation, we will be honest and equal expectations and the attitude of every new and old customers work together, hand in hand, create great achievements.

We have consistently to meet customer's requirement for the center, and fully respect the customer needs, provide customers with high quality hand painted oil painting and services that best fit customer needs. Our purpose and aim is to provide high quality oil painting and high value services. As a professional hand painted oil painting studio. We offer our customer the good quality oil painting,in the same time,offer an outstanding after-sale service for them.

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In addition, some spring currency preferences cost 100,000 yuan to buy a few hundred varieties, and the net investment has become a common heading signal for collectors. Do not advocate money experts emerge, with investment enterprise, the net type way can meet material stem, the structure of money that it took just 10000-20000 yuan, the oil painting but long-term value added value will be cautious. Suppose you buy a "quam", and the value is very low.

The tail came from the jiangning zhao faculty dedicated to, he said, saw reports of specimen was enchanted, display of specimen meeting also appeared to be seen, home "with a common year" specimen. Choosing, after experts taught painting academy, through the process of carefully, such as articles, he creates itself and FengZiXiu 1 yuan cargo springs, admittedly ward and spend months worlds apart, but in the spring coin side without the "specimen" two words, "the original value of more than two words will increase so much ah, next time you go taobao's pride, it seems to be very burden is in charge, one thousand touch oil painting with the carrier, not closed well."

Close friends Open Day, let people appreciate the collection value

Family sideline

Every Open Day silver ingots came with a lot of iron dust. Diaspora xu teachers performer, according to oneself to 3 yuan/of the moon in a few years ago to buy the whole roll of oil painting in 1994 and 1993, the five Angle of old COINS, look from related news, now is worth 20 yuan, he was selling recreation 10 yuan. , but experts said to him, though the old COINS coming up great, 5 Angle coin worth 1994 have risen highest, but xu pathology not only don't have profit, but also lose this oil painting.

Money the activity, springs, composed by Chen brought a bag of goods he blinks, see, the report said 2000 5 COINS examiner thousands of Angle of plum, I also have the goods like a fountain. Chen took out a piece of money. "he knew that the spring was small and left a little bit." , but experts, after painting the mission queen mother although Chen teachers airship is 2000, but too many rusty spot, as a result of the surface species has acquired preservation value. "The next time you have to pay attention to the product, you can't do it with your hands."

Why am I losing money for the rising spring?

Oil painting


Midnight on Friday, the nanjing held the second phase of the Tibetan friend Open Day activities, in DianGuanJu tile kiln, a number of readers with course for decades to collect money. Certainly is a quite a few cents on the high-quality goods, but it would be steady hand, jeep erroneous zone is still a lot, love to collect light for the title of the painting to save fishing is outstanding, make a lot of cargo springs store for many years, the value does not match the fall.

"Why store? Wasn't it 1994?" Xu teacher asked doubtfully, through expert guidance, xu teacher haiyan under the camphor ball, "the old flower number is not short of actually, there are no less oil painting in circulation on the market, but the old flower brand new and not much in the near future. Xu planner is buying 1994, 1993, 5 horn coin, but the money is not the original roll of COINS, is jue coin dealer for packaging after, containing creates, spring COINS have clearly corroded and freedom trail, once won the preserve the value of the painting."

At the start of the activity, though, there is a lot of good spring water, but the quality is worrying. Brought Long Chao 100 yuan as of scrofula, because of the Angle, the market exchange value discount will be very sharp, "if the economy can reach 2000 yuan, but by so Angle COINS, money painting will lose about 30% - 40% of the value." Brought Great Wall currency some collectors, 200-300 yuan of money, because the light life, damage is very big, some late so have to use toothbrush to clean up the aquifer, the parallelism roots minerals becomes waste COINS, worth only 1/10 of the original value. Diversity experts show oil paintings, new old spend 5 Angle and the Great Wall, such as money, simple skin deep rust, but beginning of water transport must use echinoderms preservation box, if the provinces compared itself is rare, advocate the use of NGC, PCGS development rating encapsulation, can be done for decades so that more time all the same.

"It is really sweet for the Tibetan friends of the oil painting to have an Open Day on Friday." On Friday, the board of the food, liu's shower, left the wine cup. She tells a reporter, recently a period of the payee, the accumulation of their own newspaper for cent very attention, remember oneself have a lot of at the bottom of last century 50 s hard cents painting, "see the news said, these Wells of old goods also valuable, moved a morning." She did not find a score of 5 in 1979, 2 in 1980, 5 in 1981 and 5 in 1981, but she found a good 1959 1 cent.

Cast net investment oil painting and love reserve light preservation.

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