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  Ted Wueste
Ted Wueste
Back in the Hospital

I’m being admitted to the hospital again this afternoon as my GI issues are not resolving and my kidney function is off. They want to monitor things more closely than they can in an outpatient setting. In addition, I will have the endoscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow which were delayed because of the blood clot last week. They will take biopsies which will confirm that I am dealing with graft versus host disease. We’ve been told that this is not unusual but they want to deal with it all quickly so things don’t progress.

Overall, I am encouraged to have such good care and look forward to treatments that can address the GI issues I’m experiencing. Again, I am seeking to remember that this is my context for loving Him and serving Him right now.

Pray that things are resolved smoothly and that my stay isn’t long. Pray for continued wisdom for the docs. Pray for my heart to rest in Him.

Love you all.

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  Kathy Smith

Continued prayers for your healing... we look forward to your updates and feel it a privilege to follow you on this journey!  Hugs!!!


Thank you for the update Ted.  I am praying for you!  Love love


Prayers to you my friend.  God is with you always.


Ted, thanks for the updates.  You may not know what a blessing you are to the rest of us.  May God continue to fill your days with his loving presence.  


Thankful you are back home and praying blood thinners do their thing.  Thanks too for the reminder that where he has us in the circumstances and "injustice" of each day is our assignment in loving him.  We love you Ted. 


Been wonderin' how things were going since last post. Never should assume all is well! Prayers, dear one! Your hope is in God, not man. Love you!



Welcome home, Ted and Happy Anniversary to you both!! Reasons to celebrate and praise God for his Goodness. Your continued humility is an encouragement. God Bless!



  Ted Wueste

Well - after 4 days in the hospital. I am back home. It is so good to sleep in a comfy bed and just have the comforts of home. I will be on a blood thinner for a while as the blood clot resolves, hopefully. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.

I so appreciate your continued partnering with me on this journey. The last couple of weeks have not been easy and the first few days in the hospital were hard. I was not expecting it and I realized how much that expectation was coloring my mood and ability to stay present to what was before me. The Lord graciously ministered to my heart and reminded me that this is how I am serving Him right now. I need not skip ahead to a time when I am feeling better and not at the hospital 4 times a week but this is my assignment in loving Him right now. My life is not my own ... my body is not my own. Pray that I would live in that reality!

Much love to you all. (and I pray that things are uneventful for a while and I don't have to post any updates!!!)

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