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  Ted Wueste
Ted Wueste
Good News

Hey Friends -

Just a quick update ... I had a full CT Scan today and it came back clear. Wow! This afternoon, I saw the email from my oncologist and clicked on it with anticipation ... wondering if it was back to the drawing board or moving forward. Well - we continue to march forward and I'm grateful. I almost can't believe it. God is so kind and merciful. I am humbled. Humbled that I am in this place and humbled to have friends like you who care and pray.

Romans 5:1-5: "Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.&n

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Oh Ted!!  Celebrating this good news and thankful that you have shared your spiritual journey with us. You have blessed all of us!  Hooray for you and your family!!


What a wonderful update!  We rejoice in your healing and the simple freedom of taking a hot shower without the dressing to cover your port!  The Grants pray for continued healing and strength and wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, Ted.

  Ted Wueste
Thankful for Coming Full Circle

Well, here we are - a day before Thanksgiving and I am certainly filled with gratitude. It was two years ago today that I had a port placed in my chest at the hospital and then went to the cancer clinic to receive my first dose of chemotherapy. On Monday of this week, I had a central line catheter (the sixth such port or line I've had in my body over the last two years) removed! Last Friday, I finished six months of treatment for graft vs. host disease which utilized that central line for treatment of my white blood cells. So, it was time to take out the catheter.

I can now take a shower w

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Dr. Wueste,

Thank you so much for teach our leaders at LIFT in September.  People are still talking to me about this.  God really used you to speak to our ladies.  Thank you!  Kelly

  Tom Ashbrook

Dear Brother Ted: What a wonderful sharing re Love. To become clothed with love, we must become naked, drop all other clothes. This stripping can be so painful sometimes, as you know. But, as you say, eventually, we seek to be stripped by His grace that there be no barriers to our being fully clothed with the One who is Love. "A young man was following Him, wearing nothing but a linen sheet over his naked body; and they seized him. But he pulled free of the linen sheet and escaped naked. Mark 14:51-52 NASU

Love to and in you blesses me beyond words!


  Nancy Bennett

Hi Ted, first time logging on to comments but I have read most of your posts. It's been quite a ride. Fred and I are praising God for the good news today. 

Fred was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer last September (2018.) He is receiving immunotherapy and is almost cancer free. He's a miracle and he credits all the prayer. We can't wait to keep hearing of your progress. 

  Ted Wueste
Quick Update

I am now almost 6 months post stem stem cell transplant and I am feeling great. I still have a ways to go with my immune system and my physical stamina but when the oncologist asked last week if there was anything bothering me or if there was anything I wish I could do, "I said no." Of course, I hope to eat sushi again someday and would love to run a marathon but those things will come in time, if at all. I'll have a scan everything three months in this first year and a blood test monthly to check that I am still cancer free. And, I am still going to the hospital at least o

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May you see the blessings of your unexpected hospital stay, and get completely well soon!


As always, Ted, your faith and love for the Lord Jesus encourages and inspires me. And, as always, praying for a speedy recovery from this recent setback.

  Ted Wueste
In the hospital

hey everyone, as always – thanks for your prayers and encouragement. I am in the hospital with pneumonia. I came in on Sunday afternoon, straight from the airport. I had a high fever and as a bone marrow transplant patient, I have to be very careful with that. So, please pray for healing. It took them a couple of days to diagnose pneumonia and then a bronchoscopy to diagnose the kind of pneumonia. I am now on a new antibiotic which should do the trick.

My heart is good. I’m in a good place. I definitely sense the Lord’s presence and pleasure and purpose in all of this. H

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