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Stephanie Sugars
Welcome, dear friends and guests!
Important Traffic Information for the day of Stephanie's Memorial

Dear Friends,

Just a reminder that Stephanie’s Memorial is on Saturday, April 22. The original post on March 15 with the link to Eventbrite is below in case you haven’t yet sent in your RSVP or if you want to know the details of the memorial again. (Please RSVP right away if you haven’t yet so we know how many people to expect.)

We also wanted to let you know that the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Festival is the weekend of Stephanie’s memorial, April 22 & 23. Sebastopol will be crazy traffic congested – especially on Saturday for the parade.

For those of us who are

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, Elinor, and Sandy

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Remembrances and Photos for Memorial

Dear Friends of Stephanie,

Hopefully you can attend Stephanie’s memorial but, if not, you can be present and remember her by sending a story, letter, card, or remembrance that we’ll make available for memorial guests to read. Please send by April 14, to either Liz Larew at For those attending please feel free to also send items for display.

And, if you have one or two photos of Stephanie you would like included in the slide show please send to her brother Dan at or his address at 614B Mormon St., Folsom, CA 95630. Please write your first and last

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Stephanie's Memorial - Saturday, April 22, 2017
Dear Friends,

Below is the Eventbrite link for Stephanie Sugars' Memorial on April 22nd. Please click on it to RSVP. Also you can see below the entire invitation to the memorial which you can print out as a remembrance of Stephanie.

We hope that all of you will be able to come and participate in this special day.

Please don’t forget to RSVP by April 10th and to bring a dish if you are staying for the potluck.

Love to all,

Angela, Meg, Melody and Liz (Memorial Committee)


The Threshold of Life and Death: Bringing Death Home

We want to let you know about a conference about dying and death that was very close to Stephanie’s heart. She herself participated in and organized similar conferences and was very active in The Christian Community and a founding member of The Sacred Threshold Guild, both of which are co-sponsoring this conference. Many of Stephanie’s close friends who were with her during and after her death are helping to organize this conference and keeping her in their hearts as they do it.

This all began when, after Stephanie died, someone sent an email out to The Sacred Threshold Guild to ask

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Stephanie's Memorial

Stephanie's dear friend Angela, a member of her Circle of Care, has reserved a space at Summerfield Waldorf School, west of Santa Rosa, for Saturday, April 22, 2017 for her Memorial. The serendipity of that being Earth Day can't go unnoticed.

Please save the date if you would like to attend. More details will follow as the time nears. Thank you.


Stephanie's obituary is in the Press Democrat today

Dear Readers,

Stephanie's obituary is in her local newspaper today and will be online for 30 days. If you would like to view or post the link is:


Stephanie Sugars Funeral

Funeral: There will be a funeral with Rev. Sanford Miller from The Christian Community on Friday, November 25 at 11 am at Santa Rosa Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematory, 1900 Franklin Ave. in Santa Rosa.

Stephanie wanted to encourage all of you to come to her funeral even if you have no connection with this religious stream. This is to honor Stephanie’s passing and will include the priest giving a comprehensive biography of her life. It is not like any other funeral you have been to. For questions about the funeral, please contact me at 707-696-4731 or

If you are interes

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Stephanie Sugars Vigil

Our dear friend, Stephanie Sugars, died on Sunday, November 20 at 6:15 p.m. in her beloved home near Kenwood, California.

Vigil before her funeral: After her death, her body will be prepared and there will be an at-home vigil for her. The hours of the vigil will be from Monday, November 20 at 4 PM to Wednesday, November 23 at 2:30 PM. If you knew Stephanie and would like to come sit with her body, you can get more information and sign up at

Please do not come without signing up through the above link as there is limited space at her home and

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Stephanie died peacefully tonight

Our dear friend, Stephanie Sugars, died peacefully tonight, Sunday, November 20, in her beloved home near Kenwood, California. We will send an email out soon with more information. Elinor Biller


Transitioning from this life

Our dear Stephanie Sugars has entered the very beginning of her journey to the other side. As of Saturday, she was rapidly declining, unable to rise from her bed, no longer speaking, and being held in deep quiet and tender care by her beloved friends in her Circle of Care on a twenty-four hour basis. We expect she will be gone within days if not hours. It could be anytime soon. Please hold her in your hearts with all the love she has expressed and given to so many of us for so long…and be with her in spirit as she passes from us. She will be waving to us, to you. Written by Kathleen Kra

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All will be well and all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

peace, ease, release, be love.

tension, fear, adventure, companionship, fart of poop, commode.

ativan, uneven loud breathing, not eating.

shit is my earthly focus, no coverage for nights and thanksgiving and two days around. Paid caregivers turn up.

Know my care circle members will not be able to stay around the hospital bedside (due today between noon & 2).

Paid caregivers will come to care for me.

Yet, when I'm more actively dying and have lost conscious, more circle members and close belov

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